Announcing Experiments in Manga!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and have finally gotten around to doing it. Please allow me introduce you to my newest site, Experiments in Manga!—devoted to my encounters with manga, Japanese literature, and other topics that may or may not actually have anything to do with anything. Unlike my other site Experiments in Reading, which is strictly review-only, I anticipate Experiments in Manga being a more interactive, flexible, and informal way for me to connect with the online manga community.

Oh, there will still be reviews, not only of manga but of other books as well. In fact, I’ve already taken the liberty of populating Experiments in Manga with reviews originally posted at Experiments in Reading. This includes my embarrassingly atrocious and mostly useless “reviews” of Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf written before I even knew what the hell manga was. (I really need to revisit those books—they were my very first manga and deserve a better write-up. Plus, you know, it’s a great series.) I will continue to cross-post and modify relevant reviews from Experiments in Reading here.

Since I currently read far more manga than I formally review, I also plan on providing brief commentary on the manga that I’m reading in addition to the more in-depth reviews. There will be a weekly My Week in Manga feature which will include quick takes on manga, links to interesting things that I’ve found online, and general randomness. Additional recurring features are also in the works, such as Discovering Manga (focusing on where I learn about manga) and the closely related Finding Manga (focusing on, well, finding manga). I expect that there will be all sorts of different kinds of posts showing up here and I hope to participate in other manga related projects as well.

I do not claim to be an expert. There are far more knowledgeable and well-versed manga enthusiasts out there than me. So, I’ve made sure to include a page for resources which lists other sources of news and reviews, publisher websites, and retailers. It’s rather small at the moment, but I expect this page will continue to grow. Also, if you’d like to be added to the listings or something’s missing (or wrong), please just let me know!

I’m very excited to be launching Experiments in Manga and welcome any comments, feedback, and discussion. I look forward to interacting with the online manga community to a greater extent (though I am admittedly more of a lurker) and hope that others will find Experiments in Manga at least occasionally interesting. And if not, well, so it goes—at least I’ll have fun doing it.

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