Manga Giveaway: Oh, Ono! Winner

And the winner of the Oh, Ono! Gente manga giveaway is…ochaako!

I was very happy with the turn out for this month’s giveaway! A huge thank you to everyone who entered this month’s giveaway (which was unfortunately plagued by technical difficulties.) I particularly appreciate those of you who took the extra effort needed to enter the contest. As the winner, ochaako will be receiving a brand new copy of the first volume of Gente: The People of Ristorante Paradiso.

For the Oh, Ono! giveaway, I asked people to tell me a little about how they discovered Natsume Ono’s work and which was their favorite. There were some great submissions made, so if you’re interested please check them out: Oh, Ono! giveaway comments. I found it interesting that the two most common introductions to Ono seemed to be either encountering Not Simple in the bookstore (which was her first manga published in English) or through one of the anime adaptations of her work. As a reference, here is a list of Ono manga that is currently available, or will soon be available, from Viz Media:

La Quinta Camera
Not Simple
Ristorante Paradiso

Gente: The People of Ristorante Paradiso
House of Five Leaves

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