Manga Giveaway: Omnivorous Old Boy Winner

And the winner of the Omnivorous Old Boy manga giveaway is…Jason!

Thank you to everyone who visited Experiments in Manga and participated in the contest. Only four people entered this time, which I thought was a little disappointing. Hopefully there will be a bigger turn out next month. Although, a smaller entry pool means there’s better odds for you if you participate. Anyway. As the winner, Jason will be receiving a brand new copy of Old Boy, Volume 1 written by Garon Tsuchiya and illustrated by Nobuaki Minegishi.

Since there are some great scenes in Old Boy involving food, I asked entrants for some favorite scenes from other manga that also involve food. (See the Omnivorous Old Boy comments for more details.) The manga mentioned included two “food” manga Yakitate!! Japan by Takashi Hashiguchi and Bambino! by Tetsuji Sekiya. Understandably, there are quite a few notable scenes involving food in those two series. There’s a fair amount of food and cooking related manga available, which I think is wonderful. I love food. I love manga. The combination works for me.

There are plenty of scenes in “non-food” manga involving food that are fun and important, too. I offered up Old Boy as one example. I found it interesting that the two “non-food” series mentioned in the comments both happened to have post-apocalyptic, science fiction elements. Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun and Trigun Maximum have quite a few moments involving food and drink. Wolfwood and Vash fighting over spaghetti early on in Trigun Maximum amused me greatly. Also mentioned was a delightful scene from Eden: It’s an Endless World! by Hiroki Endo. I don’t remember which volume this is from (I think it’s volume eight), but I do remember the moment:

Eden: It’s an Endless World! by Hiroki Endo

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  1. yep, it’s from volume 8 ^_^ one of the funniest moment in that depressing (but great <3) manga :3

  2. Woo! I am so proud of myself. :) I’ve been enjoying Eden so far. I’ve been borrowing it from my local library…unfortunately, they currently only have up to volume nine.

  3. too bad : ( and currently it’s only 12 volumes in English… my freind told me that vol. 13 will be out in August *^_^* I read scanlations of the rest of the volumes… I hope DarkHorse won’t drop it and I’ll own all the volumes in English someday :3

  4. Yeah, I just saw Dark Horse announce volume 13 recently and it’s available for pre-order! I haven’t seen any previews for it yet, though.

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