About Experiments in Manga
Experiments in Manga is a personal site established in August 2010 that focuses on my experiences with manga. Mostly. You’ll also find here my ramblings about other Japanese literature and culture. Basically, anything that I find interesting. I might even post about karate. But mostly, Experiments in Manga is meant to be a way for me to interact with the online manga community to a greater extent. (For further information, please see my post Announcing Experiments in Manga! or the Experiments in Manga tag.) In 2013, Experiments in Manga joined the Manga Bookshelf family of blogs.

About Giveaways
Experiments in Manga currently features a giveaway every month. These giveaways are open worldwide and usually feature manga of some sort. The contests open on the last Wednesday of the month and the winner is randomly selected and announced on the following Wednesday.

About Me
Hello, my name is Ash Brown and I’m a librarian and a manga addict. As proof, take a look at my more than overflowing bookshelves and my significantly less than overflowing wallet. You’ll find me wandering around online under the name PhoenixTerran. I’ve been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember but have only discovered manga relatively recently. I am certainly no expert on the subject but enjoy discussions and sharing my experiences and what I learn. I also wholeheartedly welcome differences of opinion. I am currently based in the United States, and so write from that perspective.