Manga Giveaway: Fairy Tail Feast

For those of you in the United States, a Happy Thanksgiving! And for those of you who are not, a Happy End of November! And since it is the end of the month, that means it’s time for another giveaway here at Experiments in Manga. As is tradition, and because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, November’s manga giveaway will feature multiples volumes. In this case, I have a Fairy Tail feast in store for one lucky participant. This month you’ll all have a chance to win volumes thirty, thirty-one, and thirty-two of Hiro Mashima’s manga series Fairy Tail as published by Kodansha Comics. As always, the giveaway is open worldwide!

Bonus! Hungry for even more Fairy Tail? Funimation has been kind enough to provide an early copy of the movie Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess for this giveaway! Scheduled for release in December, you have a chance to win it now, or guarantee a copy by pre-ordering it.

Fairy Tail, Volume 30 Fairy Tail, Volume 32
Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess

Fairy Tail recently reached a milestone in its English publication. It can now claim its place among all of the series that have lasted for at least thirty volumes in English. In part because of its length, Fairy Tail is a series that I probably would have never gotten around to reading except that someone very deliberately put the manga into my hand. For me, I don’t bat an eye when a manga reaches ten or so volumes. When a series is around twenty volumes, I still consider it fairly manageable. But when a series hits thirty volumes or more, it becomes rather daunting and I start to seriously consider whether it is worth the investment of my time and money to pursue it. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no. Obviously, if the series has lasted for so long it must have at least some merit to it. Either that, or an extremely devoted fanbase. There are several thirty-plus manga series that I adore and count among my favorites.

So, you may be wondering, how can you win a Fairy Tail feast?

1) In the comments below, tell me about your general feelings or opinions regarding long-running manga series.
2) For a second entry, simply name a manga not mentioned by me or by someone else that has at least thirty volumes published in English. (I know of at least twenty-five series.)
3) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

And there you have it! For this giveaway, each person can earn up to three entries. As usual, there is one week to submit comments. If you have trouble leaving comments, or if you would prefer, entries can be e-mailed to phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com and I will post them in your name. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on December 4, 2013.

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address, a link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced—Manga Giveaway: Fairy Tail Feast Winner

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  1. I love a long running series. It usually means world building on an epic scale. The only issue is the large cost :(

    My favorite long running series is One Piece.

  2. I appreciate that some manga have these long-running histories. There’s plenty of that in many American comics, of course, but I find that manga tends to have a more measured pace when it comes to getting to know the characters. I find that it often takes me three or four volumes to really get a sense of if I’m enjoying a series or not, and if I enjoy it a great deal, I like knowing that I’ll be able to continue on with it for some time.

    The flip side of that, of course, is that there are titles I’ve specifically avoiding because I missed the initial launch and I’m reluctant to try to drop into a story with 50+ volumes behind it. I knew about One Piece for years before I finally opted to give it a try, and I continue to avoid Naruto primarily because there are so many volumes there.

    I suppose citing Naruto above counts as name-checking a series with more than 30 volumes. Good thing, too, because my favorite long running title is Lone Wolf & Cub and that only came in at 28 English volumes!

  3. 1.) I prefer mangas with an ending, I can stomach a longer series but past a certain point it almost becomes more of a chore, especially waiting for those weekly chapters which slow the story down to crawl. So if it’s longer a neat boxset on a sale is usually great. :-)

    2.) Bleach? 3.) Done.

  4. 1) I generally fear them, honestly. Most of my favorite series are around the 20 volume mark, so I think between 15 and 20 volumes is good stuff. But any longer, I just don’t understand how it can stay its welcome and stay fresh. And, more importantly, if it can hold up well to re-reads. But I don’t just dismiss them either, I’ll still give it a shot.

    2) Hmm…. can I count all the GTO? GTO has 25 volumes, Early Years has 30, but was published in two in ones, and then there’s the 14 Days of Shonan’s 9 volumes published here too. That’s 64 volumes of GTO goodness published here! And in Japan, there’s more spinoffs! Speaking of which, I still need to read Early Years. It’s not the only thing in my collection with 30+ volumes, but as a franchise, it’s clearly what I have the most of. Actually, I think I have 3 series with 30 or more volumes in them (I’m counting omnibuses as however many volumes they were published originally in Japanese though, though I should say one of the series is almost there, just need the volumes to come out!)

    • Looking at these tons and tons of comments, it’s a shame Kekkaishi and Berserk are only mentioned like, once.
      One I haven’t seen listed at all is Higurashi. Sure, I guess each individual arc might be its own thing in Japan and none go over 8 volumes on their own, but Yen is releasing them as a series, and counting the omnibuses as two volumes, I think there’ll be a good 34 or so volumes out by the end (and there’s the two in one side story they published that I will so count in this.)

  5. 1. I don’t mind them at all either. Yumi Tamura’s Basara (one of my absolute favorite manga) is 27 volumes, and (had a certain something not happened in vol 25 :p) I could have gone on reading it for 30 more.
    2. Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! 38 volumes in the original, though it was broken into three arcs (each arc with its own numbering) for English publication.

  6. 1) I personally feel that it really depends on the series, whether or not a long-running manga is good or not. Certain manga’s are really good, when they’re short and straight to the point, because it doesn’t feel like the story is dragging on too long. Other manga’s are great when they stories are prolonged because it gives the readers a chance to understand the story better and add to a great story line. It really just depends on the manga story line itself. Some stories are meant to be short, while others can continue on forever ;)
    2) hmm…how bout Stardust Wink ;)
    3) All finished :)

  7. It is honestly one of my favorite series. I really enjoy reading and watching it.

    Another long running series… Naruto?

  8. NatsuDragneel says

    1. Long running series are a hit or miss. But Fairy Tail is one of those that finds the perfect medium of a story that is both long and continuously engaging. It doesn’t take forever to get to a point and doesn’t spend forever on a fight. Again, perfect balance.

    2. And I can’t believe anyone didn’t say RAVE MASTER (35 volumes)! Mashima-san’s first title!!

  9. I really love long series, it allows you to really immerse in the storyline of the manga, but on the case of naruto, i personally feel i got drawn out a little too ling and at that point it can get boring. I thing it needs to be a happy medium.
    My favorite long seris is fruits basket

  10. A long manga is series is something that can go on with the help and support of the fans with them reading the manga showing that they care the manga can not have the right support and the rates

  11. 1. Personally I love long running series. I enjoy really getting to know characters and the many adventures they have. Though I prefer if they have multiple story arcs and small side adventures. That being said, I do not like them when they focus on one story arc that spans over 10 books. That’s just too long. Smaller arcs is what I prefer. Normally I don’t purchase series that are over 30 volumes but Fairy Tail is an exception. The story is just too good.

    2. One of my favorites series that is a little over 30 volumes is Ranma 1/2. Its one of my favorite comedies that I can pick up and read at any time.

  12. opinion of long running mangas are, they are great! dont get me wrong i love short running ones also but after awhile they finish and then your happy yet disappointed that next week (or how ever the schedule they release it on) its not gonna be there anymore where with long running you have still that something to look forward to! for another long running manga i will go with Inuyasha (which has all 56 volumes released in North America) as it was the first Anime i watched as a kid and got me into Anime/Mangas!

  13. I often get tired of really long running series. I just think most stuff gets old after a while, and judging from all the crappy fillers and side quests Bleach has gone through, their writers must think so as well. I’d rather read something that ends early but strong than something that butchers itself slowly. There have been a few that have held my attention for a while though, and Fairy Tail still has it.

  14. Michelle Garcia says

    1. Long running manga series are awesome. The adventures are always longer and aren’t always rushed. Also give out lots of background on all the characters and makes us feel like the adventures never last.

    2. hmm i believe Reborn! has 42 volumes.

    • Unfortunately for you Reborn! only has 16 English volumes before Viz cancelled the series

    • 1) I love long running manga series because you get to really get to know the characters & for me its like after reading their story for so long its like what happens to them happens to you first hand no matter how many times you read the thrill stays the same.

      2) Ah My Goddess is a series that have over 30 volumes in English

  15. 1. I love almost all of them with the exception of One Piece never been able to get into it. Bleach is my favorite by far.
    2. Prince of Tennis .

  16. I’m fairly new to the world of manga and anime. I even used to tell my daughters that manga didn’t count as a book. I was wrong and have read quite a bit of fairytail. I think the fact that it is so long is one of the reasons i love it.

  17. Naruto, bleach, one piece, inuyasha, I also like fullmetal alchemist and yu-gi-oh

  18. I am a fan of the longer running series because there tends to be better character development, a better plot, and better world development. On top of that, a longer running series means that it has a good enough fan base to keep it afloat.

    I’ll say Case Closed with 50 English volumes at this moment.

  19. 1. I don’t mind a long running series as long as it eventually has a satisfying ending.

    2. Long running manga series – Inuyasha (it was the first series I started reading and it got me hooked on so many others)

  20. Robbie Broome says

    I enjoy long running series because they generally don’t feel rushed and if they lasted more than 30 volumes, I think I should give it a try because if the series lasted that long it should be pretty decent. A previous work by Hiro Mashima, creator of Fairy Tail, Rave Master was over 30 volumes. Ranma 1/2 a series in the late 1980s and early 1990s had more than 30 as well. Rurouni Kenshin had 28.

  21. The longer the show, the longer the adventure goes on being better and worth waiting to to collect.

    Case Closed

  22. Email= sixxymh
    2. Dragon ball, i don’t read or watch it, but my brother does.

  23. My favorite series are always the ones that run forever! Those are usually the first ones I buy!

    Long running manga series: Initial D had a bunch, i can think of a ton more, but half were named already and thats against the rules. But to cover some extras to make it harder for the next person, Berserk, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Keniichi the mightiest disciple, Spoon, i think Spiral did too, Ah my Goddess was close, Negima, Skip beat, g-defend, The wallflower, bleach, ok i’ll stop now. :)

  24. 1.) I enjoy Long-Running Manga series…..I love the escapes that it takes me :) And that means that don’t rush everything, giving you a closer feel to the characters!
    2.) I love bleach….That will always be one that I read! Hard core die hard fan!! (If you don’t have Fairy Tail in the running, :) Which is my above all Favorite!)
    3.)Forgot my twitter account info….but I’ll put this on facebook!!!

  25. I love long running manga for it has better character development then short ran manga. I also love Hunter x Hunter.

  26. Michelle Tan says

    1. For me having the chance to read a long running series gives me much to look forward to every week. Every time I finish a chapter I’m already excited to find out what happens next. Another amazing thing about a manga series is that you get to see the characters develop at a good pace and it’s not so rushed. For some of us, we have been reading these since high school and so we’ve been able to see the manga develop throughout our own lives. When such a long series finally comes to an end it makes you look back on what’s happened and you find yourself amazed at how you were able to keep up with what has been going on. Truly, I find it a great privilege to be able to read such amazing stories

    2. Long running manga series – Rave Master with 35 volumes :)

  27. 1. I enjoy long-running manga series they are one of my favorites. But on the downside many contain filler chapters that annoy me a little. And I am very impressed how many of these long-running manga stay so popular. :)

    2. My favorite long-running manga series is Skip Beat.

  28. I LOVE long running series, I have always sprinted through manga, short ones always end to soon, there is nothing wrong with them, but when they cut them off it’s just getting (or as been) good, and I want MORE! Anime can be short segments, but I prefer my manga long, my most favorite Manga, forever and always will be, “Inuyasha”

  29. i love Naruto and i like long running manga because they always get more detailed into the world and you always have a favorite character so you want to see more of them and when you do it makes you happy

  30. Jess Hurley says

    Well when it comes to long running series I generally end up getting bored of them. Fairy tail and Full Metal Alchemist have been some of the only exceptions. I really enjoyed Nana it’s 21 volumes, but it went on hiatus. I feel like its really hard for authors to keep up with the constant excitement in long running series, where as shorter manga have the climax of the story sooner. Although shorter manga definitely have their own flaws by being too rushed. I think it’s all about your own preference of story types.

  31. I like a good meaty series, it gives the characters time to grow and progress which is what I love most about a story. I read a lot of novel’s as well but I hate short stories because I just start to enjoy a character and then their story is over so I very much prefer something long. I know that this does not quite make the 30 from above but Full Metal Alchemist is a fantastic manga at 27 volumes which is some good meat to it.

  32. Ethanial Chan says

    1. I love long term series, they have such great character development over time. i also like to see how the artist changes the art style of the main character over time. Its always depressing when they end.
    2. Rave Master by Hiro Mashima is a great english long term that i read, shaman king, i like soul eater, reborn, and air gear… That was amazing and bakuman and mahou sensei negima

  33. 1. I kind of like long running manga because it gives you more of a story and entertainment for a long period of time. At the same time, I start disliking it because after a while, the story gets filled with fillers and repeating plot lines.
    2. One of my favorite long running series is InuYasha
    3. Don’t have a twitter :(

  34. 1 I love both long and short running anime series. However the things I really enjoy about long series is that you fall in love with the characters and get to enjoy more adventures with them. It makes me sad when the long series end though because it’s like losing a good friend. I love long series though.

    2 Naruto has a lot of manga volumes in english

  35. Deana HEwlett says

    I adore long running mangas. As long as they’re kept in good tasted. Fairy tail is a perfect example. I’ve been a fan of Fairy tail for 7 years straight, and I enjoy every moment of it. I can proudly say it’s the one manga I have never considered dropping. Not at all. The only long running manga series that I’m not a fan of is One piece.

    2) Pokemon Adventure ~

  36. Long running manga series can be well made or just a slew of arcs… It honestly depends how I personally feel. Manga with an obvious continuous plot are the good ones. Manga such as Bleach that are just a bunch of new arcs with not much background plot are in my opinion fine for a first time viewing and can get someone hooked on the series as a whole. But they don’t leave that many questions. While manga like Fairy Tail that has the plot surrounding the dragons dissappearing with was brought up in the very first publishing and is still being hinted at and is “getting closer” in the latest episode has had me on the edge of my seat the entire time with questions such as “where did they go?” and “what are they doing?”, ” did they conspire to do this with all the other dragons?”, and “if so when are they coming back, and why did they leave in the first place?” It’s these questions that leave me thirsting for more in any kind of anime or manga.

    And I am honestly suprised noone has said Golgo 13 yet, the longest running still ongoing manga that started back in 1969. It was the most daunting thing that I ever started but it is definitely worth the read.

  37. 1. I love long-running mangas because you can truly notice the characters changing and becoming stronger and it really draws me in and the adventures continuing, as for short-running mangas, they don’t have much action and it’s kind of drab and my favorite, and always will be is Fairy Tail.
    2. I also love reading One Piece by Eiichiro Oda another long-running manga in English because like Fairy Tail, the characters have new strengths, but along with strength comes weaknesses which is what makes long-running mangas great.

  38. Long running mangas are awesome. They always give me something to look forward to. But when the manga is dragged out when it should’ve ended then it becomes a pain

  39. Megan Pierson says

    I absolutely love Fairy Tail. It speaks me to me like Inuyasha did. The plots and characters speak to my heart so it keeps my attention.

  40. Naming the anime would be soul eater a very good anime that I loved the story line. and fairy tail is one of my top anime right along with one piece. I enjoyed the first chapter so much and I just got hooked

  41. The long running manga series is really great since the show is over

  42. I love long running mangas

    My favorite is naruto

  43. 1. Long-running manga series tend to be things I take very seriously. It means it is/was a series I could really follow, really enjoy. Short series are great too, but I can get through most of those in a weekend or less. A long series means I’ll be a fan for a long time, if done right. So personally, I enjoy long running series. If they are still ongoing, they give me something to look forward to reading each week.

    2. Detective Conan is one of my random favorites. I’ve always liked mysteries, and this series satisfies that and then some. It does tire a bit since the story isn’t as explored as often as I feel it should be, but the cases they cover are still enjoyable regardless.

    • A light correction to my statement: I forgot the English version of Detective Conan is called Case Closed, just to clarify.

  44. I’m not a big fan of anime that are long running but for fairy tail I made an exception it’s just too good to put down! Everything about it is amazing and enjoyable. Another anime would be one piece now that one I like as we!!

  45. I'mnotcomfortablegivingoutmyname says

    I love long running manga series. If it’s been going for that long of awhile, it’s most likely worth a read. Most like Fairy Tail have a very built and well thought out story. There is a certain way a long running series stands out. If it’s been going this long, a lot of people value it. Also, if there are many books, you can see the characters changing and learning. Maybe it’s silly to get so attached to characters, but in so many cases, these kind of series get you attached to characters and situations. Fairy Tail is personally my favorite, and makes you want to love the characters. Personally though, if I have the time and I enjoy it, I love long manga series because it shows the characters in many ways, and keeps your interest if well written.

  46. Tony Willams says

    I really love long manga series.I’ve liked manga since i was like seven and i love reading really long manga series like Naruto,Bleach,Rave Master etc because they all have such a great story and the diffrent arcs and stuff make the manga entertaining and wanting more.Me personally i have read about four or five series and even though it is alot of reading i love to read.

  47. 1: I absolutely love long running manga because of the suspense of waiting for the next volume! Fairy Tail happens to be my favorite right now and I’m so excited waiting for the next volumes :)
    2: Bleach has about 49 volumes, i think, and is still going, it’s also one of my favorite long-running series.

  48. 1) The reason I love Fairy Tail is not only is it a long running series that can sustain itself but the characters are amazing, the plot lines are well done, and the fights are so dramatic and just pull you into them.

    2) Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  49. Nermeen Mageed says

    I love long running serises because it gives us a chance to grow and know the characters better than everything else.

  50. 1. Generally, I like long running series, but I don’t follow them if they’re running for too long when I could begin it. Still, now I follow Naruto, Fairy Tail and Beelzebub. I especially like shounen long running manga, but I dislike their anime, because of their usual ‘fillers’, but Fairy Tail was awesome since there were almost no ‘fillers’ at all during the whole serie.
    2. I’d say Samurai Deeper Kyo which is one of the best samurai manga serie I’ve read so far.

  51. QueenDalek says

    1. As long it’s a good story I do enjoy a long-running series, I like getting to know the characters more in depth as the story goes on and seeing them evolve. I don’t want to be left with an empty feeling when it’s over.

    2. Inuyasha has always been a favorite of mine.


  52. inter4ever says

    1) It really depends on the series. For example, Bleach started well but after the soul society arc, it starting declining. On the other hand, naruto had a great start, average middle, and fantastic final part (or near final). Slam Dunk, Hunter x Hunter are all great series that benefit from the length.
    2) I am not sure if anyone mentioned Vagabond, but it;t a great series by author of Slam Dunk and Real.
    3) Link to tweet here

  53. 1) I love long-running series there the best!! They make me happy and always make me cry and show different emotions. I LOVE THEM ALL!!

    2) I would say Inuyasha it is one of my favorite manga’s/anime’s .

    3) Don’t have a twitter but did it on Facebook.

  54. Generally, I really like long running series because I get to experience so much in one anime or manga. Long running anime/ manga are also a chance for me to get to know everybody in the anime/manga
    I also love Bleach because it’s simply awesome and I love it

  55. Hello :)))
    1) Depending on what the anime is about, for example there’s Fairy Tail. (LOVE IT! NALU <3) I love this series and I could and would watch it as long as it runs. Whenever I like the anime it's awesome that it can last forever so I don't have to just reread or re watch the series over again.

    2. Rave Master! :D That is pretty good and it's also by Hiro Mashima :D

  56. Dylan Ferris says

    City Hunter. Shaman king. And as for the first part. I enjoy long mangas because they keep my attention and draw me in for a long story.

  57. 1- I personally prefer the short series, but fairy tail was the exception, love the anime and manga, even my mother is currently watching the anime with my little cousin, they worship natsu lol ,I think it’s very funny, full of magic and life stories.

    2- Bleach ,Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

  58. thiff_\^0^/_san says

    1) Long mangas are just splendid. They keep myself occupied, and away from some of the reality of the real world. Now these long ones must at least revolve a point for it to succeed, like fairy tail somewhat revolves on the dragons’ disappearance, and kekkaishi, around the protagonist’s goal of sealing karasumori. To be epic, there has to be point, and not just some worthless fillers to gain the attention of simple minded people. The plot has to make sense, and mashima is doing a pretty good job of it.

    2) Just got to love your barricading series, Kekkaishi. (35 volumes.)

  59. Posted on behalf of Justin Wisniewski, an avid Fairy Tail fan! :

    I recently finished watching the stream of the Fairy Tail anime and I found it to be, mostly, rather pleasant. It has a good sense of humor, and it finds a very good balance between that humor and the more serious parts. I really enjoyed the cast; as longtime MMO player I really got a kick out of the Fairy Tail Guild’s members and they way they interact. Also, I feel that most of the story arcs were just the right length in that they don;t drag on, and on, and on like some other shonen titles.

    In regards to your question about manga that have hit volume 30 in the US, I tried to avoid picking the Narutos, One Pieces, Detective Conans and DBZs.
    * I am aware that “Negima! Magister Negi Magi” broke the 30 mark (after switching American publishers).
    * Air Gear’s 30th release is scheduled to hit American shelves in February 2014
    * Also, Get Backers should get an honorable mention as it made it to vol 28 before the license fell through.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Posted on behalf of lexi kirsten:

    I love long running animes because it gives me something to look forward to. It keeps the excitement, humor, and the action going.

    I love this anime in particular because it has everything you’d want from a good anime. It definitely keeps the fan girls on their toes. This is my favorite anime by far, and I’m counting down the days until the rest of the dub comes out and of course the movie!

  61. I love long running animes! I enjoy looking forward to what will happen next! I can’t help but to watch episode after episode all through the night to see what the next episode will bring! And unlike shorter animes, they seem to last forever!
    One manga I enjoy that has at least 30 volumes and is in English is 3×3 Eyes.

  62. Quentin Sharp says

    Personally, I see extended manga series as a little world onto itself. They’re artistic, emotional and overwhelming inspiring. Each series holds an essence of its author and a soul of its own. They’re more than stories, they’re art.

    • Quentin Sharp says

      I forgot, a manga series with more than 30 volumes: Inyuasha. Been a fan of it since I was 4 and it was first released on Cartoon Networks Toonami!

  63. I am still in the proses of watching Fairy Tail but I have enjoyed every episode thus far. It is one of my favorite animes and I love every character that is in Fairy Tail. Me and my sister have been watching Fairy Tail non-stop every sense I found it when looking for something to watch, but my favorite characters on Fairy Tail are Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy, and Levy.

    I haven’t just watched Fairy Tail but I have also watch Black Butler. it is an amazing anime with a demon that protects his human master ciel after his parents had been killed in the fire and he has been abused by the people he now wants to take revenge on. From then on the plot line was very surprising because the author made it so you never suspected what had happened in that episode causing you to keep coming back after each episode and ended. It left you wondering what will happen in the next episode. When I started the second season it was confusing at first until it had the flash back letting me under stand now why it had started that way.

    Thank you for giving me and everyone else the change to win the volumes thirty, thirty one and thirty two of Fairy Tail

  64. 1) I am a fan of many different mangas. Some series had few volumes, while some have a lot. In my opinion, 30 volumes doesn’t necessarily decide weather the manga is worth a look, but it does show that the series was successful enough to keep fans asking for more.

    2) kinnikuman was a manga in the eighties that released over 30 volumes. I red it last year as a way to look into the origins of the kinnikuman nisei (the sequel) because I saw the show when I was younger. It features lots of comedy.

    I picked up fairy tail the second I found out that the author of fairy tail was: 1) inspired by Dragonball; 2) learned from the author of one piece. I instantly feel in love with the manga after the Isenwald scuffle. Im glad this opportunity came up and I thank you for it.

  65. Stephanie:)(: says

    1) A lot of long manga/anime entice me because of its many unique varieties of characters.
    I enjoy these anime because they mostly revolve around friendship and are emotional. ( e.g. the ending of the Tenrou Island Arc. Even if the characters didn’t die it was sad to me T_T) Some long series’ also annoy me because they sometimes decrease in quality as they go on, but Fairy Tail has been improving steadily in both art and story.
    2) A manga I know of with 30+ books is Skip Beat!

  66. 1). Long running manga series can be good or bad it really all depends on how likable the main/side characters are, even the bad guys u gonna really love to hate them.( but then secretly love them.) Also of course the story line.
    2). I personally like ones with weird subjects for the story line, like addicted to curry really good manga mostly about curry and how they make it and how many different kind there is and who is better at making it. but it also has great characters that u can relate to and your basic needs comedy suspense and drama. plus it just makes you want to eat curry.

  67. 1. Long running series are great! They usually give a lot of characterization, and tell an epic tale!

    2. DragonBall Z, One Piece, Bleach

  68. Lyndsay Larson says

    I absolutely adore long-running series. I love the thrill of waiting for the next part and wondering what will happen. Usually I can follow several at once so I am not focused entirely on one and wishing that I could just have the next part. Allow I don’t own a lot of Manga due to costs, I read them through borrowing from my friends and also from the library. The issue with long-running series is if you are starting after the series has been running for a long time because its difficult to catch up.

    I definitely love Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach.

  69. Posted on behalf of Jeemiah:

    1. In my opinion I feel as if long-running manga series is the best kind of manga. You really begin to grow attached with the series and feel sorrow when it ends. Shorts stirs such as angel beats is very touching and all but there just is not enough to call it #1. long manga series sometimes take a year to finish and really becomes a part of your life in the end. They are pleasant memories you will always remember.

    2. A few manga that I hope you have not mentioned are one piece, naruto, D.grey-man, dragon ball series, and guin saga.

  70. I love Fairytale! It has an awesome story line and a great set of characters.
    Another few sets of manga that have at least 30 volumes are Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Guin Saga, One-Piece, and Bleach.

  71. I enjoy long running manga series mostly because the story is not cut off and the climax isn’t resolved quickly. When the story is capable of continuation, it gives the fan a reason to continue loving the series. Even though it isn’t quite on-going, D. Gray-Man is my favorite manga series by far, and I am so disappointed that it may not be finished. Yet, I am still extremely happy with the story thus far. Fairy Tail is another favorite of mine, and I would have been very unhappy if it would have ended before all the the great development and story-lines. Bottom-line, I highly enjoy long-running manga series because they allow me to enjoy more of the story and get to know the characters more than a 12 volume series.

  72. Adriana Luna says

    Fairy Tail!! One of the best manga I have read up to now. During the beginning, middle, and end of each arc has me hanging at the edge of my seat. With the turn of page, I get a rush of excitement as if I barely started reading the manga from the beginning. Each chapter seems to be better than the last and I never get tired of going back and starting from the beginning

  73. When a mangaka starts out a writing manga series, it may start out slow but if the readers end up falling in love with it, it eventually builds up more to become a series. I believe the reason why Manga is long running is because of the success and positive feedback that it has received from its fans. The suspicion of the books, the entertainment, and the fascinating story plots are some of the reasons why I’m glad most authors continued on their series.

    2) One Piece

  74. The great thing about a long running manga is that it gives the characters and the plot time to develop properly. A lot of times you get these mangas that are barely even 10 volumes long, and by the time your finished your like ‘what the heck did I just read.’ The characters end up being static and the plot is so rushed that it is as if there was none. On the other hand, long running animes give people more meat to chew on, so to speak, in that it usually is more interesting. The writers can dive deep into the characters personalities and backgrounds and give readers the sense that they can connect with the characters on a personal level. Thee have been many times when I have read a long manga and I felt so connected to the character, it was as if she was my sister. Those kinds of deep emotional connections can only be achieved through a manga that late a great deal of time. Of course with life being so hectic right now, I have been neglecting my reading, but I’ll get back to it soon, promise :)
    Besides Fairy Tail, I think One Piece is one of my favorite long running mangas.
    Thank you to the consideration!

  75. Adriana Luna says

    2) EyeShield 21 has more than 30 volumes published in english.

  76. 1) I like a series with nice, lengthy-ish storyline. but my only thing is that I have to wait every week for a new chapter, which is hard for me :/ and when it’s DONE, I usually end up wanting MORE! (which is why we have fanfiction :3)

    2) Fairy tail, or I wouldn’t be here XD love it with my heart and soul! (OMG. two more days till next chapter!)

  77. 1) I absolutely love Fairy Tail, it is a manga series that I have found to be quite enjoyable. In fact it is the reason I got into manga (shonen manga in particular). Now I have been watching the anime and reading almost all the volumes released.

    2) I couldn’t go without mentioning Mashima-san’s Rave Master. The other long lasting manga that he did. I almost like to think that both series take place in the same world.

    3) Done, and done!

  78. Demonicsyco says

    1) I enjoy a long-running series because it can really get you involved, I like the sense of emotional attachment, it makes it worth reading/watching even more

    2) Fullmetal Alchemist

  79. Ashley Lewis says

    1. I love long running anime shows because they give you more to watch and i hate it when i watch a good show but it only has 12 episodes. You get introduced to new characters and new goals, also the moments the characters you love share with the rest of the cast. Another reason is so if your waiting for the next episode you can go back and watch all the old moment that made you laugh or cry. and finally each arc is different and leave you at the edge of your seats and you get excited for each future episode.
    2. umm…… top favorite mangas that have 30 vol. have already been said so going further down the line…..i’d have to say Skip Beat(31 vol?)

  80. 1) I’m alright with long running series, most of them have incredible stories and they just keep going and going. However, I do think after a while some of these long running series need to go. For example; Naruto, I have been reading it since 2002 non-stop and I love it, but I think it’s time to end it soon because if it keeps dragging on it will just get boring.

    2) Shaman King, Naruto, and Slam Dunk are all I can think of right at this moment.

    3) I left my twitter url up in that website bar thingy.

  81. 1-
    What do i think about long-running manga? well it is a love-hate relationship! =) i hate them because of the waiting for the release weekly/monthly or whatever the case may be for such; but mainly when I like long running manga and start reading it such as fairy tail, skip beat, bleach etc.. its because i know that it is going to take me sometime before i finish it, i honestly do not like getting to the end of a manga or anime because then i am like “nooo! why did it finish!? its like i do not know what to do with my life after that hehe =)”

    2- Crayon Shin Chan =)

  82. Davie Yang says

    1) Long series can be quite an adventure, especially those that I truly enjoy. Honestly, I haven’t read all that many long series, but from my experience, they’ve been very enjoyable, though all of them fall into slumps occasionally – which is understandable with how long the mangakas have to keep the series going. However, I can say that some long series run into two obstacles that are not so easily conquered. The first is that some series simply drag on much longer than they should and therefore hurt the overall quality of its whole story. The other (which some series have yet to reach) is that their endings leave a bad taste in my mouth once I read it. With long series, I’ve found most of them to be overall enjoyable, and I would most definitely prefer they don’t run into the roadblocks I mentioned, particularly Fairy Tail. :)

    2) One Piece was easily the first thing that came to my mind. Pokemon Adventures, Naruto, Bleach, and Gintama are others that I thought of right away.

    3) Sadly, I don’t have a Twitter and I’m too lazy to make one. :P It’s a shame Facebook isn’t the one we need for this.

  83. I usually don’t like super long lasting mangas, but fairy tail is so amazing that ive actually managed to read it through twice and now I wait every time for the next chapter to be released. It’s amazing and I hope it keeps going for a long time still!!! <3

  84. Joshua Monette says

    I love long running manga, like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece for several reasons. First of all there is more time for character development and story arcs can be grander in scope compared to a shorter manga. Yes some things might get repetitive or dragged on, but several series have managed to pull it off and remain charming throughout. The biggest reason I enjoy long running manga though is that it give me something to look forward week to week, and when one of my favorite series ends, it leaves me feeling a bit empty inside.

  85. Posted on behalf of Jake Corum:

    I love a lot of long running anime and manga series such as one piece naruto,bleach,inuyasha,and fairy tail My favorite character from bleach inner hollow ichigo my favorite from one piece is Magellan my favorite from inuyasha Mirror Demon my favorite from fairy tail gajeel

  86. Posted on behalf of Jax:

    I like long-length manga because if the manga is really good, I have something that will last me a while. I don’t like good, short-length manga that would leave me with cliff hangers.

    Manga with over 30 volumes:
    – Inuyasha
    – One Piece
    – Prince of Tennis

  87. Posted on behalf of luis rosa:

    1. Fairy tail is a great show that shows lots of original ideas and it very entertaining with humor and action.

    2. Rave Master

  88. For me, I like long running manga. As long as it the story doesn’t get stale and boring, then I’ll keep reading.
    For a series that has run for more than 30 volumes, the first one that comes to mind is One Piece. Another one that comes to mind is Naruto.

  89. I guess I like long running manga so long as they dont go to long in an pointless direction, but with Fairy Tail its always got something new and exiting happening and has a point or is interesting. with short manga or anime series like Angel Beats or Toradora it leaves you with so many un answered questions.

  90. short animes like soul eater and angel beat *

  91. Tammy Huynh says

    1) Long going manga are awesome. They keep me interested and has a lot of information. They provide a lot of details as well. Sure, some go on and on and sometimes have a pointless direction but with Fairy Tail, everything is kept short and simple.

    2) The Knight in the Area

  92. Sam Harris says

    Honestly I love the series because of all the emotion that they manage to balance just right with comedy
    I’ve noticed a lot of long running series do that
    And you grow to love the characters and know them like you would a best friend.

    Another long running series I can name that I haven’t seen someone else name yet is Bleach

  93. Adriana Luna says

    3) Done!

  94. Adriana Marie says

    I love long-running mangas. There all interesting and i learn new things too.

    I don’t really know any long-series but i think One Piece has more than thirty volumes.

  95. Well Naruto has around 656 now and it might be ending soon, but there’s also Natsume Yuujinchou that’s still going strong. Mystical, Supernatural, Suspense, Action, Comedy, Romance (gotta have the romance), and lots and lots more but I’ve read more manga then I can remember one of the ones I was enjoying was Cage of Eden which I got my friend to read it too. Favourite Manga would be Fairy Tail then Natsume Yuujinchou and their not really similar.

  96. Posted on behalf of Jen Le:

    1.) I honestly like long running mangas as long as they keep me interested
    2.) Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Rave Master, and Skip Beat (it’s recently hit 31 volumes :) )

    ~Jen Le (Juliette) <3

  97. 1) I like long-running manga series, they don’t feel rushed
    2) One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Berserk…

  98. Adriana Luna says

    3) Done! (Messed up last time) @Takeo97

  99. 1) In my case, I love long-running manga series because they give me something to look forward to, be it weekly, monthly or otherwise. Most of them are well-liked by many, and have allowed me to strike up new acquaintances and even friends. Being long-running, they have ample ground to develop and explore different themes, adventures, etc. Favorites include: Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail (mostly Shonen, though to be fair most long-runners are Shonen).

    2) I believe Fruits Basket has more than 20 volumes

  100. I agree with you for the long running series. If a series is super long I get scared and run away from reading it. I try to read it if it’s complete but I end up getting tired of reading and start reading one shots. (Even though after reading the one shots I sulk about the fact that it ended)
    So I guess I’m kinda so so to long running series xD I still read them though, I just put off on doing so.

    My favorite series with over 30 volumes is definitely Rave Master. Rave Master is by the same mangaka, Hiro Mashima.
    Another one would be Detective Conan (Cased Close is the official English name).

    Thank you for the contest by the way c:

  101. Raymundo Gomez says

    I think long running mangas are an amazing and a clear symbol of how much the culture of anime and manga has penetrated our side of the world because they represent the art and the influence of countries far away from us and not only that, they also show us interesting and wonderful stories that continue to develop as we read them and I believe that is the most valuable and important aspect from this.
    I really like long running mangas and I hope they will never stop from being published because I love manga and anime.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Has more than 30 volumes I think it has 38 :)

  102. 1) It’s hard, because there are some series that are longer that I like, but at the same time I’m always weary of starting a new long-running series because I have way less free-time and disposable income than I did when I was younger. XD So reading longer series can feel daunting. Sometimes they drag and get really repetitive, too, so then it ends up feeling like a chore. It’s hard to find a good balance.
    2) I’m surprised no one’s mentioned “Blade of the Immortal” yet! That’s been going on for ages and it’s 30 volumes. “3×3 Eyes” is 40 volumes, but only a chunk of it ever got translated here, sadly. (Same with “Urusei Yatsura”—it was 34 vols, but Viz never got up to the double-digits, if I recall.)
    3) Retweeted about the giveaway! :D

  103. Jessica Wang says

    I really like long running manga because the plot gets extended and added onto.
    A manga with more than 30 volumes is Code Breaker, which I high suggest

    My email:

  104. Alexander Law says

    I often find that starting a long series can be discouraging due to the length, but once you get into it you just can’t stop because mangas often have to have something going for them if they last that long.

    Fairy Tail is by far my favorite manga due to the large time, monetary, and emotional investment I have in it.

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