Bookshelf Overload: January 2014

Compared to past months, I actually consider January to be a fairly reasonable month for me when it comes to new acquisitions. Hopefully, this trend will continue for a bit—I know both my wallet and my bookcases (or lack thereof) would appreciate it. Anyway, as for manga that I was particularly excited to see in January—Takako Shimura’s Wandering Son is always at the top of my list. For some reason, my copy of the sixth volume arrived a few weeks later than those of a lot of people I know, but I was happy to finally get it. I was also very excited for the release of the second Vinland Saga omnibus. Actually, I think I enjoyed it even more than the first omnibus. (There’ll be a review coming soon!) I’m also really looking forward to reading the next volumes in Mitsuhisa Kuji’s Wolfsmund and Nico Tanigawa’s Watamote. Plus, there’s a new Kou Yoneda manga in English—NightS!

Arisa, Volume 12 by Natsumi Ando
Attack on Titan, Volume 11 by Hajime Isayama
Dictatorial Grimoire, Volume 1: Cinderella by Ayumi Kanou
Fairy Tail, Volume 34 by Hiro Mashima
The Flowers of Evil, Volume 8 by Shuzo Oshimi
Missions of Love, Volume 6 by Ema Toyama
NightS by Kou Yoneda
No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!, Volume 2 by Nico Tanigawa
Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 9 by Fumi Yoshinaga
Sorako by Takayuki Fujimura
Vinland Saga, Omnibus 2 by Makoto Yukimura
Wandering Son, Volume 6 by Takako Shimura
Wolfsmund, Volume 3 by Mitsuhisa Kuji

In These Words, Chapter 10 by Guilt | Pleasure
Wrapped Around Your Finger by Guilt | Pleasure

Cold Sleep by Narise Konohara
Cruel to Be Kind by Guilt | Pleasure
Oh, Tama! by Mieko Kanai

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings directed by Itsuro Kawasaki

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