Manga Giveaway: Mecha Manga Giveaway Winner

Bokurano: Ours, Volume 1And the winner of the Mecha Manga Giveaway is…Elliot!

As the winner, Elliot will be receiving a copy of Mohiro Kito’s Bokurano: Ours, Volume 1. For some reason, I never think I’m going to enjoy mecha manga, but then I do. And so, as part of this giveaway, I was interested in learning what mecha manga other people had read and enjoyed. There have been a good number licensed in English, though this is only a small fraction of what’s available in Japan. As many of the entrants pointed out in the giveaway comments, sometimes an anime gives the mecha genre a little more oomph, but manga can be enjoyable, too.

Some of the mecha manga licensed in English:
Bokurano: Ours by Mohiro Kito
Broken Blade by Yunosuke Yoshinaga
Code Geass by Goro Taniguchi (and various)
Eureka Seven by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou
Full Metal Panic! written by Shouji Gatou, illustrated by Retsu Tateo
Gurren Lagann by Kotaro Mori
Kannazuki no Miko: Destiny of Shrine Maiden by Kaishaku
Knights of Sidonia by Tsutomu Nihei
Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP
Mobile Police Patlabor by Masami Yuuki
Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Ciel by Haruhiko Mikimoto
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing by Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino (and various)
Nadesico by Kia Asamiya
Neon Genesis Evangelion by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
RahXephon written by Yutaka Izubuchi, illustrated by Takeaki Momose
The Vision of Escaflowne by Aki Katsu
The Voice of a Distant Star written by Makoto Shinkai, illustrated by Mizu Sahara

The above list is only a small selection of the mecha manga that have at one point or another been released in English. I was a little surprised to see how much of it has gone out of print. But there are still some great titles like Knights of Sidonia, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, and the various incarnations of Neon Genesis Evangelion that are still going strong. Mecha will still be around for a while, I suspect. And thank you to everyone who shared your favorites with me!

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