Manga Giveaway: Sherlock Bones Giveaway Winner

Sherlock Bones, Volume 1And the winner of the Sherlock Bones manga giveaway is…Serene!

As the winner, Serene will be receiving a copy of Yuma Ando and Yuki Sato’s Sherlock Bones, Volume 1 as published by Kodansha Comics. Because Sherlock Bones features a rather unusual detective—Sherlock Holmes reincarnated as a puppy—for this giveaway I was interested in learning more about other people’s favorite detectives and unusual crime solvers. Check out the Sherlock Bones Giveaway comments for all of the responses. And, as usual, I have taking this opportunity to compile a list!

Manga in English featuring detectives and/or other crime solvers:
888 by Noriko Kuwata
Black Butler by Yana Toboso
Case Closed by Gosho Aoyama
City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo
Clamp School Detectives by CLAMP
Death Note written by Tsugumi Ohba, illustrated by Takeshi Obata
Fake by Sanami Matoh
Future Diary by Sakae Esuno
Goku: Midnight Eye by Buichi Terasawa
Ice Blade by Tsutomu Takahashi
Kamen Tantei by Matsuri Akino
Kids Joker by Maki Fujita
Kindaichi Case Files written by Yōzaburō Kanari, illustrated by Fumiya Sato
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service written by Eiji Otsuka, illustrated by Housui Yamazaki
Lupin III by Monkey Punch
Monster by Naoki Urasawa
MPD-Psycho written by Eiji Otsuka, illustrated by Shou Tajima
The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok by Sakura Kinoshita
Petshop of Horrors by Matsuri Akino
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney written by Kenji Kuroda illustrated by Kazuo Maekawa
Pluto by Naoki Urasawa
Remote written by Seimaru Amagi, illustrated by Tetsuya Koshiba
R.O.D: Read or Dream written by Hideyuki Kurata, illustrated by Ran Ayanaga
Rose Hip Zero by Tohru Fujisawa
Sherlock Bones written by Yuma Ando, illustrated by Yuki Sato
Skyscrapers of Oz by written by Yoshino Somei, illustrated by Row Takakura
Steam Detectives by Kia Asamiya
Young Miss Holmes by Kaoru Shintani
Yellow by Makoto Tateno
Zodiac P.I. by Natsumi Ando

The above list isn’t comprehensive by any means, but it’s probably not a bad place to start if you’re looking for some detective or mystery manga to read. Thank you to everyone who shared your favorites with me. I hope to see you again for the next giveaway!

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