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The end of June draws near, which means the end of the first half of the year is quickly approaching, too. It also means that it’s time for another giveaway at Experiments in Manga! Most schools are now out for the summer (at least in the United States), but we mustn’t forget all of those hardworking teachers. And so, this month’s giveaway is for Yusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom, Volume 1 as published in English by Viz Media. As always, the giveaway is open worldwide!

Assassination Classroom, Volume 1

Considering the sheer number of manga translated into English that are based in a school setting, relatively few seem to grant more than a passing acknowledgement of the teachers. Sometimes they aren’t even included in the story at all or barely make an appearance beyond the background. But occasionally teachers are actually given a prominent role. Assassination Classroom is a series that stands out for that very reason (among many other reasons). Great Teacher Onizuka, the first series that I read in which a teacher was a lead character, is another manga that immediately leaps to mind. There’s S.S. Astro: Asashio Sogo Teachers’ Room, too, but I can’t think of very many other examples off the top of my head that are available in English.

(Okay, I will admit right now that there are plenty of hentai and boys’ love manga that feature teachers, but those particular stories really weren’t the ones that I had in mind…)

So, you may be wondering, how can you win a copy of Assassination Classroom, Volume 1

1) In the comments below, tell me a little about your favorite teacher from a manga. (Never noticed a teacher in your reading? Simply mention that.)
2) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting, or retweeting, about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

There you have it! Each person can earn up to two entries for this giveaway. You have one week to submit comments. If you have trouble with the comment form, or if you prefer, entries can also be sent to me via email at phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com. The comments will then be posted here in your name. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on July 1, 2015. Best of luck to you all!

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address in the comment form, a link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced–Manga Giveaway: Assassination Classroom Giveaway Winner

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  1. 1. I’ve been rereading Cardcaptor Sakura over the past week so of course the first person to come to my mind is Kaho Mizuki, although there are plenty of teachers in that series! I think it’s kinda interesting that unlike a lot of other magical girl series there are regular, reoccurring adult figures in the series and that many of them are content to hang back and let the kids get into a bit of trouble as long as they’re mostly aware that something is up and Kaho fits that to a T. Of course it helps that she already had an idea what Sakura was going to go through and that she’d be alright but she’s still an interesting character who comes off as both mysterious and a bit air-headed but really isn’t much of either.

    2. And I RT’d your tweet under my @wanderindreamr handle

  2. 1) Sadly this title’s never been translated in English, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Hell Teacher Nube’s Meisuke Nueno. He’s a really fun character, and of course being the student of an exorcist with a demon hand would probably make school a lot more interesting! XD
    2) RTing the link under my Twitter handle! ;)

  3. 1) thats easy … Onizuka from GTO!! (aka Great Teacher Onizuka)
    biker-gang slacker somehow gets a teaching certificate and gets tossed into the delinquent problematic class as teacher. Hilarity, insanity & many poignant moments for volumes & volumes of hellz yeah entertaining!!

    2) tweet tweet

  4. I know you excluded BL, but really, how can I not mention Kento and Akira from FUTURE LOVERS? (I love love love how Kento interacts with his students, and how his grandparents teach him to see his students as his family). And then there’s Ida in MOON AND SANDALS — what a wonderful mentor he is to a student trying to accept his own sexuality.

    If they don’t count, how about Godai in MAISON IKKOKU? How adorable is he as a daycare instructor?

    • Ash Brown says

      Never fear, they totally still count! :D And those are some great examples. There’s a character in Est Em’s Ultras that (surprisingly) happens to be an elementary school teacher, and I adored him in the classroom. Anyways, thanks for participating! ^_^

  5. 1) Kindergarten teacher Sayaka Okiura from CLAMP’s Kobato. Also Fujimoto because he’s actually pretty cool. Such a sweet manga/anime…

    2) tweeted as @melody_kondrael

  6. Could it be anyone else by Onizuka for me? Nope.
    Also, if we’re going with spiritual mentors for very specific things, then either Sai from Hikaru no Go or Mr. Lion from Twin Spica.

  7. Joseph Miller says

    Favorite teacher from a manga: Dokuro Skull.

    I loved how she fit into the overall story in the Jupiter Sisters storyline.

  8. The only teacher I could think of right now is Amakata Miho from Free! I really like her character and the way she always comes up with some sayings :)
    But since Free! is more anime than manga, I don’t think that she counts…

    There are a lot of manga I read where a mentor appears, but those aren’t really the one who sit in class rooms and teach classes. For the first time I feel sorry for not reading a lot of manga that play in schools…

    Maybe when the giveway is over one will come to my mind ;)

  9. Jennifer says

    1) I could also go more for spiritual teachers like Sai from Hikaru no go. But for the sake of more diversity, I will add I had always liked Iruka Sensei from Naruto even if he was only important at the very beginning of the manga. Speaking of beginning, Negima was a fun teacher at the beginning of Mahou Sensei Negima.

    2) Tweet :

  10. -The first teacher that came to my mind is not your traditional, in-the-classroom sort. I refer to Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist. Her tough love, and practical lessons, are just what the Elric brothers need. Math and English lessons may be important, but she knows that it is life lessons and survival skills that will help them most. The education system probably wouldn’t want to hire her because of her dangerous lesson plans, but you have to admit they worked. I also agree with some of the other posts though; Clamp creates some great teachers.

    -@forbescheryl19 Tweet

  11. One of the greatest teachers that I have seen is Shizuka Hiratsuka from Oregairu. Stepping outside her duties as an adviser for the school’s Service Club, her role in the character development of Hachiman, the male protagonist of the series, is phenomenal. Shizuka had geared herself towards opening the eyes of Hachiman to the world, a student isolated from the reality marble of life. Nevertheless, Shizuka extended her support in having Hachiman join the Service Club in hopes of widening his horizons. Since then, she has continued to provide Hachiman with invaluable lessons, most which she exemplifies in the form of requests taken to the club. The course of actions Hachiman has taken has been a trial and error experience, and Shizuka has been there as support in both the good and the bad. Her presence is gold.

    Oregairu has spanned a manga, light novel series, and two anime adaptations (the second season which has just concluded), if you are not familiar with it. It is a series that is absolutely worth the time exploring as it shifts from the traditional impressions of high school life depicted in anime and manga.

    ~ Good luck to everyone entering! Twitter: @novars

  12. Akane Akimoto, the homeroom teacher in the recently concluded Shonen Jump series Gakkyu Hotei. The (spoiler) revelation that she was intentionally selected to be the teacher in the class because her inexperience would foster the the type of mischief that fueled the school judgment system was pretty hilarious.

    Underrated series. Sad to see it go.

  13. AnthonyKlaz says

    It would have to be Kakashi-sensei from the Naruto series, he’s a great teacher who has showed he cares about his students and has helped them even though one kinda defected for a while, he still showed he cared. He helped Naruto throughout the series tremendously and even has his own development of course where he regrets his past and it catches up to him, but soon his past gets resolved and after that he becomes leader of the entire village. Kakashi is a very cool teacher who I respect as a character.

  14. I think all my favourites have been mentioned already, so for the sake of adding someone new to the discussion: Takaomi from Oresama Teacher.

  15. Black_wind says

    I think Koro-sensei is my favourite afterall. I found myself wishing i had teachers like that (minus the destroying Earth part,hah) when watching Assassination Classroom. He really and truly cares about the kids. And he gave them confidence in themselves. Ah,and honourable mention goes to Takeda Ittetsu aka “Take-chan” from Haikyuu. He literally knows nothing about volleyball but he is very serious about learning about it and being good volleyball club advisor. I like him a lot.

    (retweeted you @busha69)

  16. You know, I’ve read several series that either take place in schools or where schools play a significant part, and I am drawing an absolute blank on any of the teachers. I can vaguely recall Kenji’s teacher in Twentieth Century Boys make a short, kind of amusing appearance, but he didn’t strike me as impressionable enough to remember, and he certainly wasn’t central to the story.

  17. Cataquack Warrior says

    My favorite teacher in manga would have to be Yoshinoya of Hidamari (Sunshine) Sketch. She is a rather…unique teacher. She likes to pose in exposing costumes and tends to make lewd assumptions. She has dressed as everything from a swimsuit model to a caterpillar. Plus, she tends to be very lazy and whimsical, and constantly has to be told not to goof off.

    Even so, the manga and anime make it clear that she is actually a great art teacher. She can be harsh when necessary, but also compassionate, and has the talent of bringing out the best in her students. Even her costumes are a testament to her skill and dedication, as each and every one was made by her own hand.

    One episode that particularly touched me was when she was sneaking around the school over the summer to avoid the principal’s attempts to get her to do her work. The reason, though, was that she had something else to do: a special set of individually unique cards to send to every student she has had in her classes. When she sets her mind to it, she can do great things, and her free-spirited heart allows her creativity to shine and catch everyone by surprise.

    After Yoshinoya, my favorite teachers of sorts would be the Water Fairy Undines of Aria. They’re not your usual sort of teacher, as they teach apprentices how to become gondoliers. Each has her own unique traits, Alicia overflowing with gentle love, Akira being sharp and critical, and Athena being rather absent-minded. However, they all flow with deep wisdom, and each cares dearly about her students, helping them reach their full potential in her own way.


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