Manga Giveaway: Complex Age Giveaway Winner

Complex Age, Volume 1And the winner of the Complex Age manga giveaway is… Sean Kleefeld!

As the winner, Sean (whose writing at Kleefeld on Comics and elsewhere I greatly enjoy) will be receiving a copy of Yui Sakuma’s Complex Age, Volume 1 as published in English by Kodansha Comics. I read (and reviewed) the first volume and was rather surprised by how much the manga resonated with me and wanted to spread the love. For this giveaway, I asked participants to tell me a little about the manga that they’ve read that included cosplay, the passion of Complex Age‘s main character. Check out the giveaway comments for the detailed responses, and check out below for a list!

Some of the manga available in English which include cosplay:
Anything and Something by Kaoru Mori
Complex Age by Yui Sakuma
Genshiken by Shimoku Kio
Genshiken: Second Season by Shimoku Kio
Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga
I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara by Jiro Suzuki
Kiss Him, Not Me by Junko
Lucky Star by Kagami Yoshimizu
Maid-sama! by Hiro Fujiwara
Maniac Road by Shinsuke Kurihashi
My Girlfriend’s a Geek by Rize Shinba
Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori
Servant X Service by Karino Takatsu
Sunshine Sketch by Ume Aoki

The above list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it does have some variety. Although cosplay doesn’t take precedence in many series (or at least in many of the series that have been translated), there are numerous examples of manga where there’s a character who is into cosplay or a class that sponsors a cosplay cafe for a school festival. Manga with otaku themes usually mention it at least in passing, too. And depending on the definition being used, cosplay can be found in plenty of the more… ahem… adult-oriented manga of various ilk (which I decided to leave off the list this time). Anyway! The list presented above contains series which include cosplay that either immediately came to my mind or that were mentioned in the giveaway comments and some feature cosplay more heavily than others. Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway; hope to see you again at Experiments in Manga!

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