Bookshelf Overload: September 2016

Normally manga far outweigh the other types of comics that I acquire in any given month, but in September there wasn’t much of a difference between the two. I also picked up more anime than I usually do and my artbook collection continues to steadily increase. Anyway, probably the most exciting thing that I’ve read so far from September was the  Attack on Titan Anthology, an excellent collection of Western comics inspired by Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. (Granted, the anthology’s official release date was in October, but I was fortunate to get my hands on an early copy.) It was also a good month for omnibuses such as the final volume of Kaoru Mori’s Emma (technically released at the very end of August, but I picked up my copy late), the most recent volume of Inio Asano’s Goodnight Punpun, and Wataru Watanabe’s third Yowamushi Pedal omnibus among others. As for series that debuted in September, I’m particularly interested in and looking forward to reading the first volumes of The Prince in His Dark Days by Hico Yamanaka and Welcome to the Ballroom by Tomo Takeuchi.

Blame!, Omnibus 1 by Tsutomu Nihei
Boyfriend in Heat by Sakria
The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Volume 6 by Aya Shouoto
Don’t Rub Yourself Against My Ass by Sakira
Emma, Omnibus 5 by Kaoru Mori
Franken Fran, Omnibus 3 by Katsuhisa Kigitsu
Goodnight Punpun, Omnibus 3 by Inio Asano
Haikyu!!, Volume 3 by Haruichi Furudate
Happiness, Volume 1 by Shuzo Oshimi
The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Volume 4 by Hiromu Arakawa
Hey, Class President!, Volumes 2-3 by Kaori Monchi
Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear, Volume 1 by Masume Yoshimoto
Mr. Mini Mart by Junko
One-Punch Man, Volume 8 written by One, illustrated by Yusuke Murata
Persona 3, Volume 1 by Shuji Sogabe
The Prince in His Dark Days, Volume 1 by Hico Yamanaka
Sailor Men by Sakira
Welcome to the Ballroom, Volume 1 by Tomo Takeuchi
Wild Boyfriend by Sakira
Yowamushi Pedal, Omnibus 3 by Wataru Watanabe

Acid Monday by Lucid
Agents of the Realm: Semester 1, Volume 1 by Mildred Louis
Attack on Titan Anthology edited by Ben Applegate and Jeanine Schaefer
Avialae, Chapter 2 by Lucid
From Under Mountains written by Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland, illustrated by Sloane Leong
Mirror: The Mountain written by Emma Ríos, illustrated by Hwei Lim
Mooncop by Tom Gauld
My Car’s a Spaceship, and My Spaceship’s a Boy! by Kris Mukai
Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill
Someone Please Have Sex With Me by Gina Wynbrandt
Soulless, Volumes 1-3 written by Gail Carriger, illustrated by Rem
Spider-Man/Deadpool, Volume 1: Isn’t it Bromantic written by Joe Kelly, illustrated by Ed McGuinness
Trying Not to Notice by Will Dinski
Turning Japanese by MariNaomi
The Usagi Yojimbo Saga, Omnibus 5 by Stan Sakai
Virus Tropical by Powerpaola
Vixen by Danielle Keller

10: Illustrations, 2006-2016 by Tomoko Yamashita
The Art of Jo Chen Illustration Collection by Jo Chen
Space Beside: Selected Illustrations, 2014-2016 by Loika
Yoshitaka Amano: Illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu
A Riot of Goldfish by Kanoko Okamoto

Red Roofs and Other Stories by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

Black Jack directed by Osamu Dezaki
Black Jack: The Movie directed by Osamu Dezaki
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie directed by Morio Asaka
Doukyusei directed by Shouko Nakamura
The Eccentric Family directed by Masayuki Yoshihara
Otogi Zoshi directed by Mizuho Nishikubo

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  1. I quite enjoyed Eccentric Family, I was definitely not expecting another season to be announced, but I do look forward to it!
    And I would want to try out Doukyusei, but Aniplex man, they’re just so darn expensive! I am finding it hard to justify $60+ for a movie.
    This was a solid couple weeks for US cartoons though, season 6 of both Venture Brothers and Adventure Time came out recently. Not sure if you watch Adventure Time, but it’s the sort of thing that slowly builds its world into an epic place. Not sure if you watch Steven Universe either, but AT and SU are the two current kids cartoons I highly recommend to anime and manga fans. And we also found out AT’s 9th season will be its last and the whole thing is coming to an end in 2018. Now if only I could get SU and Gravity Falls seasons on DVD or Bluray, I would be very very happy.

    • I actually haven’t seen Eccentric Family yet! I’ve been meaning to watch it for what seems like forever. Everyone’s excitement over the second season reminded me that I still needed to get around to the first. Happily, I found a sale copy of the physical release which especially fortuitous as I don’t think streaming is currently available for the series.

      I really wanted to see Doukyusei in the theater when it was playing, but I wasn’t able to get myself out to the one showing that was even remotely close to where I live. I didn’t end up paying the full $60 for the film thanks to a small discount and a gift card, but it was still pricier than I really would have liked. It is a really nice boxset, though!

      I am even further behind in watching US cartoons than I am in watching anime! I’ve seen a few episodes of Adventure Time and Venture Brothers, but I mostly know about Steven Universe and Gravity Falls by proxy. I think I’d really enjoy watching all four of those series if I was ever able to find the time. ^_^;


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