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After a little over seven years of writing about manga, Japanese literature, and related items of interest here at Experiments in Manga, I am now largely retiring the blog. The content that’s here will remain for the foreseeable future, and I will continue to respond to any comments that are made, however I will no longer be regularly posting at the blog. It’s possible that I may very occasionally be inspired to write a long-form review or feature for Experiments in Manga, but in general my manga blogging will be moving to Manga Bookshelf proper. There I will continue participating in the Manga the Week of and Pick of the Week posts and will be contributing to the Bookshelf Briefs features as well. Another place that I will be found discussing manga and such is on Twitter, where I hope to be a little more active with my account going forward.

A huge thank you to everyone who has read and supported me and Experiments in Manga over the years! In part I started this blog as a way to connect with other people interested in manga. I am delighted that I can say I was successful in doing that. I have met so many wonderful people because of Experiments in Manga and it makes me tremendously happy to know that from time to time others found it useful, interesting, or even entertaining. To all of my friends–readers, fellow bloggers, creators, and more–thank you and thank you again. Writing at Experiments in Manga and getting to know you all has meant more to me than I can adequately express.

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  1. It is sad that you won’t be posting much here anymore but all I hope is that you’re happy about what you’re doing because that’s what matters. Happy New Years 🎉

    • Ash Brown says

      Happy New Year to you, too! It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to make and it does make me a little sad, but I am definitely looking forward to having a bit more “free” time to spend on the other things that I love. Thanks for being a reader!

  2. I had tons of fun! I look forward to your contributions on manga bookshelf and your occasional reviews that may crop up on here! And, of course, I’ll be following you on Twitter! Hopefully you’ll have more time to just read stuff, if you don’t need to write about all of it (and maybe get to some of those rare things that got recommended through me, like What’s Michael or Key to the Kingdom).

    • Ash Brown says

      So did I! Thank you for being a core supporter, and thank you for all the great recommendations you’ve passed along to me over the years! I’ll be able to get so much more reading done now. ^_^

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on manga these years. I’m one of the silent feedreaders who is reading all the Mangabookshelf crew and their single posts that way. I appreciate your viewing angle, although I don’t really take part in any discussions myself anymore. Wishing you best of health and success in what you do next.

    • Ash Brown says

      I tend to be a fairly silent reader of other’s blogs, too. :) You were actually one of the first people to welcome me when I joined the Manga Bookshelf crew. I greatly appreciate that and thank you for following along. Wishing you all the best as well!

  4. I will miss this blog and your insight so much! I’ll look forward to what you write on Manga Bookshelf. Thank you so much for introducing me and many others to excellent books and manga we might not have otherwise found. I appreciate you and hope that this is an amazing year for you and your family. See you around on Twitter! Don’t be a stranger :D

    • Ash Brown says

      Thank you so much for your support, Leanna! It has meant so much to me. (Your kind words have kept me going more than once!) There are definitely things that I’m going to miss about writing here regularly, but I hope I can find ways to continue sharing my love of manga and other comics with others. <3

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