Manga Moveable Feast Archives

What exactly was the Manga Moveable Feast? Every month or so between 2010 and 2013 the manga blogging community gathered to celebrate, discuss, and examine a particular manga, creator, genre, or theme. Anyone and everyone was invited and encouraged to participate. This page collects the links to the archives of each Feast.

For more information about the Manga Moveable Feast, or to join the MMFeast mailing list, visit the Feast’s Google Groups page.

Hosted Feasts
January 2012: Usamaru Furuya
January 2013: Moyoco Anno

Past Feasts
February 2010: Sexy Voice and Robo (The Manga Curmudgeon)
March 2010: Emma (Rocket Bomber)
April 2010: Mushishi (Comics Worth Reading)
May 2010: To Terra (The Manga Critic)
June 2010: The Color Trilogy (Manga Bookshelf)
July 2010: Paradise Kiss (Soliloquy in Blue)
August 2010: Yotsuba&! (Good Comics for Kids)
September 2010: Afterschool Nightmare (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
December 2010: One Piece (The Manga Curmudgeon)

January 2011: Karakuri Odette (Manga Report)
February 2011: Barefoot Gen (A Life in Panels)
March 2011: Aqua and Aria (Animemiz’s Scribblings)
April 2011: Rumiko Takahashi (Panel Patter)
May 2011: Cross Game (The Panelists)
June 2011: Wild Adapter (Manga Bookshelf)
July 2011: Fruits Basket (The Manga Curmudgeon)
August 2011: Fumi Yoshinaga (Comic Attack!)
September 2011: Love Hina (PLAYBACK:stl)
October 2011: Horror Manga (Manga Xanadu)
November 2011: Natsume Ono (Manga Widget)
December 2011: Sailor Moon (A Case Suitable for Treatment)

January 2012: Usamaru Furuya (Experiments in Manga)
February 2012: Osamu Tezuka (The Manga Critic)
March 2012: Jiro Taniguchi (Manga Worth Reading)
April 2012: Viz Signature (The Manga Critic)
May 2012: Oishinbo/Food Manga (Otaku Champloo)
June 2012: Takehiko Inoue (Manga Report/Soliloquy in Blue)
July 2010: CLAMP (Manga Bookshelf)
August 2012: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Eeeper’s Choice Podcast)
September 2012: Shojo Beat (Manga Report)
October 2012: Vampire Manga (Chic Pixel)
November 2012: A Thankful Manga Feast (Rocket Bomber)
December 2012: Hikaru no Go/Game Manga (Animemiz’s Scribblings)

January 2013: Moyoco Anno (Experiments in Manga)
February 2013: Naoki Urasawa (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)
March 2013: Historical Manga (Otaku Champloo)
April 2013: Kaori Yuki (The Beautiful World)
May 2013: Yumi Tamura (Tokyo Jupiter)
June 2013: Skip Beat! (Heart of Manga)
July: Yun Kouga (Manga Bookshelf)
August 2013: Boys’ Love (Otaku Champloo)