Manga Giveaway: Sankarea Giveaway

The end of October approaches as does Hallowe’en, so I thought it would be appropriate to feature a horror manga for this month’s giveaway. As such, this month you all will have a chance to win a copy of the first volume of Mitsuru Hattori’s Sankarea: Undying Love as published by Kodansha Comics in English, the third volume of which was just released this week. Granted, Sankarea is really more of a strange romantic comedy than straight up horror…but it has zombies, so I’m going to count it! As always, the giveaway is open worldwide.

Sankarea: Undying Love, Volume 1

Over the last few years, zombies have become incredibly popular in the United States. They’ve become so popular in fact, that I’ve actually become rather bored with them. (Planning for the zombie apocalypse with family and friends can still be an entertaining thought experiment, though.) With more and more zombie stories out there, it becomes more and more important that creators find a way to distinguish their work in some way. In the case of Sankarea, Hattori has not only created a rather odd sort of hydrangea zombie, but he has also made her the primary romantic interest of the series, too. It’s an unusual take on the zombie genre, and I can certainly appreciate him trying to doing something a little offbeat and different.

So, you may be wondering, how can you win a copy of Sankarea: Undying Love, Volume 1?

1) In the comments below, tell me about any run-ins you’ve had with zombies in manga. (Never encountered a manga zombie? Just mention that.)
2) For a second entry, answer the following question: Do you prefer slow-moving zombies or fast-moving zombies in your fiction?
3) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

That’s all there is to it! Each person can earn up to three entries for this giveaway and has one week to submit comments. Entries may also be sent via e-mail to phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com and I will post them in your name. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on November 6, 2013. Good luck to you all!

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address, a link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced—Manga Giveaway: Sankarea Giveaway Winner

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  1. 1.) Hm, does Velveteen & Mandala count?

    2.) I don’t have a preference, too much shuffling looks dull though

    3.) Done.

  2. 1) I’ve read a few scans of the “Cradle of Monsters” manga. I wish somebody would translate it into English so I could own the print copies.

    2) I prefer slow zombies. When they were sprinting around in the first season of TWD, it was ridiculous.

  3. I was legit going to say Velveteen & Mandala (which is absolutely fantastic by the way), but to keep it interesting I’ll say Highschool of the Dead, specifically the full colour omnibus edition. I’m not really into the whole fan service thing, but I’m a fool for anything zombie in anime/manga.

    Huge, huge hoards of slow moving zombies are my thing, anything like the type found in The Walking Dead universe. Speaking of TWD, I thought the art in Velveteen & Mandala was really similar to Charlie Adlard’s work personally!

    Good luck everybody!

  4. Your giveaways always have interesting questions! :)

    1) Wow…probably the most memorable was a h manga…really, don’t ask. D: D:
    2) Hmm! Hard to say. I think fast-moving zombies make for more action-filled scenes. To be honest, I don’t really read all that much zombie stuff… ._.
    3) Done. :) (@bythebraids)

  5. 1) Not many! I’ve read Zombie Loan, and I TRIED to read a bit of High School of The Dead, but that’s all I’ve really been exposed to, I think. I’m hard-pressed to think of more.
    2) I prefer more traditional, slow-moving zombies. Though I don’t hate the idea of fast ones! The thought of a fast-moving zombie IS pretty frightening, after all.
    3) RT’ed your tweet @bunnycartoon! :D

  6. 1. My most memorable encounter with zombies in a manga was “The Night of the Living Dead” in Dorohedoro. Once a year, the place where the protagonists live is overrun by reanimated corpses that try to eat everyone, and the braver citizens go around competing with each other to see who can send the most zombies back where they belong, namely six feet under. Awesomely terrifying stuff.

    2. Fast-moving zombies are better for suspense, slow moving for comedic effect. Since I tend to read more suspenseful, action-packed stuff, I guess my pick would be fast-moving.

    3. Does a retweet of the official contest announcement count?

  7. 1. IS This a Zombie? Would be one and technically Tomie since she keeps getting killed and coming back from the dead.
    2. Slow moving Zombies because I’m a purist

  8. 1) the zombies from Highschool of the Dead is an obvious one but they were generic. To get deeper, you could say the Mass Production Evangelions from Neon Genesis Evangelion are zombies.

    2) slow zombies are better as you have time to escape and plan.

  9. 1.) i never encountered a manga zombie.

    2.) i prefer slow moving zombies so i wont have to worry about escaping faster.

  10. Posted on behalf of Lucas:

    1.) To be honest, I have yet to read a manga that includes zombies. The closest would probably be ghouls from some of my vampire manga.

    2.) Personally, I prefer slow moving zombies, because since contamination is easily contracted, zombies don’t go down easy, & they’re deadly in groups, if the zombies were able to run fast, the human race would deplite much faster. Having slow zombies allow anime and manga to insert humorous or interesting scenes since the characters are less likely to rush into things without thinking.

    3.) I have posted and shared through my Twitter. =)

  11. 1) Going to go with Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. The Corpse’s can’t get their revenge unless their reanimated in some fashion!

    2) I prefer the slow types.

  12. 1. A manga about zombies that I have read about is “Apocalypse no Toride.”
    2. I prefer faster zombies . (:

  13. inter4ever says

    1) Seen many anime series with zombies, but for manga, franken fran might count.
    2) Slow zombies are more zombie like for me :)
    3) Link to tweet below:

  14. 1. The manga that I know that has zombies and that I really like reading is called ”Apocalypse no Toride” I just loooove the suspense and action in it. It also shows the friendship and connection between the characters which I think is really great. like how they’ll do everything to support and save each other. etc. It’s really worth the read! It’s still ongoing so yeah. I haven’t seen that many zombie mangas so I’ve been looking for more.

    2. I prefer slow moving zombies if it’s in real life. Because obviously that would increase the rate of survival. but I think fast moving zombies are better in movies/anime/manga because It would be a lot more thrilling and more enjoyable to watch.



  15. Posted on behalf of Brandon:

    1) I remember Sankarea and it’s just amazing. The story is cute and a little serious, so it’s a good balance. 
    2) Slow running I mean come on first of all you gotta survive ._. And secondly they look creepier :D

  16. 1) Damn that’s tough, I don’t really go out of my way to avoid zombie manga, I just somehow avoid it anyway. Velveteen & Mandala though, I rented that from the library. Can I talk about live action Japanese movies though? Wild Zero is amazing, it’s about a zombie apocalypse brought about by an alien attack and only this one groupie of the punk band Guitar Wolf (who has these hilarious hallucinations where the lead guy goes “Ehhhh!” Fonzie style) can save the world and it’s complete insane and hilarious in a way only live action Japanese movies can be.
    Wait, wait! I thought of one! Tokyo Zombie! Right there in the damn title! Weirdo manga, makes so very little sense.

    2) Hmm, slow moving. Fast ones are probably scarier, but don’t strike me as being zombies, but a different type of monster somehow. Clearly, based on the above, I think zombies should be comedies, not dramas. Shaun of the Dead is awesome too (though I do like Hot Fuzz better and I can’t wait to get World’s End on DVD!)

    • 2b) I was just remembering the re-deads from Wind Waker, those things were SCARY! And they moved like molasses! But put three of them in a room, and damn! I think the Wind Waker ones are the scariest ones to date and they were possibly the slowest (and shrieked the loudest)

  17. 1) The zombies in One Piece. Several of these creatures consist of various beasts and monsters commonly found in mythology and horror stories. They are zombies that are stitched up together in a manner that they resemble the Frankenstein monster. They are created with Hogback’s surgery and the power of Gekko Moriah’s Kage Kage no Mi.

    2) I prefer slow moving zombies.

  18. Jessica Wang says

    1. I’ve never encountered a zombie in my manga

    2. I prefer fast movie zombies

  19. 1) I once saw a video game horror manga anthology that had House Of The Dead in it; does that count?

    2) Slow-moving zombies, only because it’s more amusing seeing them fall into pits with landmines in them. (“Hope your trip’s a blast! See you after the fall!”)

  20. The only zombie I’ve ever encountered is the one undead founder from Code:Breaker, if that counts~

  21. zombies, in highschool of the dead have seen in a good role, on the other hand in kore wa zombie desu ka is a more comical point where it is a zombie but with feelings and actions free, no need to eat a person. I think it all depends on which function you want to give the creator of history.
    speaking of zombies, I prefer the slow if they try to eat me hahaha. I think it would give me more chances to escape or eliminate
    although it is based on following a story I think would be the ”fast-moving zombies”, because it would give more drama or fear of the situation to pass the character.
    (sorry for my bad English >.< )