Manga Giveaway: A Variety of Vertical Comics

It’s nearly the end of August which means it’s time for another giveaway at Experiments in Manga! Earlier this month I celebrated the blog’s seventh anniversary, and I’d like to continue that celebration by offering you all the chance to win not one, not two, not three, but four volumes of manga. In this particular case the first volumes of Ryo Hanada’s Devils’ Line, Chihiro Ishizuka’s Flying Witch, Riichi Ueshiba’s Mysterious Girlfriend X, and Keiichi Arawi’s Nichijou: My Ordinary Life, all of which have been published in English by Vertical Comics. As usual, the giveaway is open worldwide!

Devils' Line, Volume 1Flying Witch, Volume 1Mysterious Girlfriend X, Omnibus 1Nichijou: My Ordinary Life, Volume 1

I’ve been a big fan of Vertical releases for years, not only of its manga, but its prose works, too, both fiction and nonfiction. (Two of my younger sisters also greatly enjoy Vertical’s puzzle books, although I think it’s been a few years since the last one was published). In 2014, Vertical launched Vertical Comics, an imprint specializing in the publisher’s manga and anime-related titles. Since then, Vertical Comics has continued to expand and offer more and more manga of a wide variety–there seems to be a little bit of something for just about everyone. And I’m always happy to give just about any manga a chance when it’s released by Vertical Comics.

So, you may be wondering, how can you win a variety of Vertical Comics?

1) In the comments below, tell me a little about your favorite manga that has been released by Vertical Comics. (If you don’t have a favorite, or haven’t read any, simply mention that instead.)
2) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting, or retweeting, about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

And it’s as easy as that! Giveaway participants can earn up to two entries and have one week to submit comments. If needed or if preferred, comments can also be sent to me at phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com and I will then post them here in your name. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on September 6, 2017. Best of luck to you all!

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address in the comment form, a link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced–Manga Giveaway: A Variety of Vertical Comics Winner

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  1. Definitely Gundam: The Origin. Both the content and the book themselves are top notch!

  2. 1) it’s hard to pick just one, so here’s a couple!
    Chi’s Sweet Home for the perfect dose of adorable at the end of the day, BLAME! for that weird cyberpunk where sometimes nothing except insane architecture is happening for pages & pages aaaaaaaand also their excellent Attack on Titan light novels

    2) tweet tweet: as persoconchii

  3. My favourite Vertical manga is Blame, for the quality of the artwork and the worldbuilding.

  4. I’m grateful that they licensed Ajin, Sakuran, and their Tezuka series!

    RT on @kpossibles

  5. Honestly, I haven’t read any Vertical manga as of yet – but I’m definitely interested!

    RT on @mdmrn via Twitter

  6. John Smith says

    I am unfamiliar with Vertical, but I am very curious about Nichijou–it looks so beautiful and amusing!

  7. Michelle Gauthier says

    I haven’t read any of their manga yet, but I’m loving the Monogatari novels. They’re different, funny, and quirky.

    RT as @evolstar8

  8. I really miss when they used to put out Tezuka titles. DMP is doing a fine enough job, but I don’t know if they’d be able to put out super long Tezuka series like Buddha or Black Jack right now. Ode to Kirihito is probably one of my fav Tezuka titles though.

    Also, Ajin, just one of my favorite manga coming out right now in general.
    And for my super dark stuff, Wolfsmund was great too.
    And for my Fumi Yoshinaga needs, What Did You Eat Yesterday?

    2) I think I did this right? I’m new to twitter @zawa113CJ

  9. My favorite manga series from Vertical must be What Did You Eat Yesterday?, followed by Chi’s Sweet Home (so cute!). I love Fumi Yoshinaga in general, and What Did You Eat Yesterday? is such a smart slice-of-life manga, with great characters and delicious food.

  10. I haven’t read any of Vertical’s manga yet, though I have Ode to Kirihito and a few volumes of Flying Witch sitting on my shelves, shaming me for not having been read yet. ^^;;

    I RT’d as @lenalialia.

  11. Bloodygaikotsu says

    Does it have to be a manga?
    Cuz what I love Vertical for the most is their license for Monogatari series!
    The anime is one of my favorite so, when I heard they licensed the novels, I had to buy it!


  12. So many options! Even when I don’t *like* one of their series, I tend to appreciate them taking a risk by licensing it (Wolfsmund being a good example.) My personal favourite is probably Pink. I suspect I would have hated the story if anyone else had written it, because it wouldn’t have treated its (odd, vain, childish) heroine so affectionately. I’m grateful Vertical licensed it and Helter Skelter.

  13. I think my favorite manga series by Vertical is Limit! I haven’t finished it yet, but the characters and their feelings and struggles are all very interesting, gripping, and (occasionally) relatable. It’s probably better than anyone would think it would be, since most reviews just sum it up as ‘Lord of The Flies, but with girls.’.

  14. I believe my favorite Vertical publication so far is Fabulous 49er Takemiya Keiko’s mindbending space opera, To Terra… It’s insane and engrossing and all kinds of beautiful.

    That being said, I also believe Vertical’s most memorable publication to date is probably the hysterical autobiography Insufficient Direction by Moyoco Anno.

  15. I don’t know of any off hand, but I’m always open for something new.

  16. Bramantyo Bimo says

    of course ninja slayer because

    twitter @keke_094

  17. Nicola bonardi says

    Never read any but open for new story to read :)

  18. I honestly love Vertical releases because the volumes are so clean and classy (like Nichijou and Ajin) and that Master edition of Blame! that snuggly fits in my shelf. I have Flying Witch and Devil’s Line that I would want to get the latest volumes (if I were in US, but I’m not). I simply love their releases and how they maintain their blog about the releases to keep the customers entertained. And the Monogatari light novels looks so fancy. I can’t pick one series out of those releases because they are simply gorgeous on the shelf!

    I hope to win the Mysterious Girlfriend X because I already have all others on the list. Thank you! (I have provided my email and twitter link in the text boxes provided)

  19. Joseph Miller says

    I haven’t read many of Vertical’s comics, but I did read The Gods Lie and definitely recommend it… even if it’s a bit depressing.

  20. I really loved Limit. I think it was one of the first shoujo manga I read that I thoroughly enjoyed and got me to realize I shouldn’t dismiss all shoujo manga just because I don’t enjoy romance stories


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