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If you follow only one manga blog, make it MangaBlog, run by Brigid Alverson.

In addition to writing original material, Alverson is also one of the best, if not the best, manga link bloggers out there. I was absolutely thrilled when Experiments in Manga made it onto Alverson’s radar and started to be linked to from MangaBlog. Updated very regularly (often almost daily), Alverson keeps track of a number of other manga blogs, manga news abroad and in Japan, and manga reviews. Alverson began posting at MangaBlog beginning March 4th, 2005 and has been writing about manga ever since. Reading MangaBlog and following the links posted is absolutely one of the best ways I’ve found to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of manga and to discover other manga bloggers and reviewers.

Can’t get enough of Alverson? In addition to MangaBlog, Alverson also writes about manga and comics for many other websites including Robot 6, MTV Geek, Graphic Novel Reporter, Good Comics for Kids, Publishers Weekly Comics World, and more. You can also follow Alverson on Twitter: @BrigidAlverson.

I really can’t recommend Alverson’s work and MangaBlog enough. With smart content and thoughtful writing, Alverson is definitely someone to follow if you’re interested in manga.

(Incidentally, Alverson’s birthday was yesterday. I was already planning to write this brief post, but it was a nice coincidence. So, a happy belated birthday to you, Brigid!)

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