Manga Giveaway: Shoujo Science Fiction (Please Save My Earth)

The end of the December approaches, as does the end of the year (although it looks like we avoided the end of the world), so it’s time for Experiments in Manga’s final manga giveaway of 2012! This month you will have the chance to win a new copy of the first volume of Saki Hiwatari’s shoujo science fiction epic Please Save My Earth. As always, the contest is open worldwide!

When I was younger, I was constantly reading science fiction. Now that I’m older I read a bit more broadly when it comes to genre, but I still love science fiction. It’s probably not too surprising that my love of science fiction impacts my manga reading as well. I’ve discovered that I have a particular fondness for shoujo science fiction. In the United States, young adult science fiction is generally aimed towards young men. I think it’s marvelous that science fiction intended for young women, in this case shoujo manga, exists and has been translated. When it comes to shoujo science fiction, I personally love the classic manga by Moto Hagio and Keiko Takemiya. (Granted, both of the works by Takemiya that are currently available in English are technically shounen.) But I do enjoy more contemporary works as well. What I particularly like about the shoujo science fiction manga that I have read is the focus given to character development within the context of the stories.

So, you may be wondering, how can you win a copy of Please Save My Earth, Volume 1?

1) In the comments below, tell me about your favorite shoujo manga with science fiction themes. If you don’t have one, or you’ve never read shoujo science fiction manga, just mention that.
2) For a second entry, simply name a shoujo science fiction manga that hasn’t been mentioned yet by me or someone else.
3) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

It’s as easy as that! Each person can earn up to three entries for this giveaway. You have one week to submit your comments. If you have trouble leaving comments (Blogger sometimes has issues), or if you would prefer, you can e-mail me your entries at phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com. I will then post the comment in your name. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on January 2, 2013. Best of luck, and have a fantastic new year!

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address, link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced—Manga Giveaway: Shoujo Science Fiction Winner

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  1. Hmm, does Twin Spica count? *checks Wikipedia* Damn, seinen. Hmm, the only other science-fiction shojo story I can think of off the top of my head is Planet Ladder which I read the first couple of volumes of years and years ago (back when my friends and I would read any and all manga we could find at our respective libraries and then pass around the group), I’m sure if I think about it longer I’d think of another example.
    So can Planet Ladder count as my second entry as well? Or I can come back latter and try to think of an additional title too. ^^
    And twitter link!

  2. I’ve really liked what I’ve read of Andromeda Story, and I hope that To Terra is much the same.

    I’m available at @brainchild129 at Twitter or at

  3. AirCommodore says

    I love all of Moto Hagio’s sci-fi stuff, like A, A’, They Were Eleven, and Marginal.

    Let’s see, other shoujo sci-fi… Clover from CLAMP and Ilegenes (which Jmanga acquired recently-ish) come to mind.


  4. I’d say “Clover” is one of my favorite sci-fi shoujo series. It’s a great mix of futuristic cyber-punk with soft, shoujo elements. Very moody and beautiful.

    And even though it’s quite old, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for “They Were Eleven” as well. A sci-fi classic, imo. :D

    Retweeted your link as @bunnycartoon on Twitter as well!

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