Manga Giveaway: Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Giveaway

I realize that it’s the end of the month rather than the beginning, and that I’ve probably already said this, but happy new year, everyone! I’d like to help get 2017 off to a good start with a great giveaway at Experiments in Manga. And so, this month you will all have the chance to win the first volume of Kenya Suzuki’s delightful manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan as published in English by Seven Seas. As usual, the giveaway is open worldwide!

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, Volume 1

I really enjoyed the first volume of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, perhaps even more than I expected that I would. It’s a bright and cheerful manga, in part because it’s artwork is bright and cheerful, too. Please Tell Me! Galko-chan is somewhat unusual in that it’s completely in color. Although it isn’t uncommon for a manga to include a few color pages here or there, relatively few full-color manga have been licensed in English. While I love the monochromatic illustrations typical of most manga, the deliberate but sparing use of color can create a tremendous narrative impact (I’m thinking of a specific scene in Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto) and full-color manga can be very appealing as well.

So, you may be wondering, how can you a copy of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, Volume 1?

1) In the comments below, tell me a little about a manga with color artwork that you’ve read, whether color was used for an entire volume or only a few pages. (If you haven’t encountered any, you can simply mention that.)
2) If you’re on Twitter, you can earn a bonus entry by tweeting, or retweeting, about the contest. Make sure to include a link to this post and @PhoenixTerran (that’s me).

That’s all there is to it. Participants in the giveaway can earn up to two entries and have one week to submit comments. If needed or preferred, comments can also be sent via email to phoenixterran(at)gmail(dot)com and I will then post them here in your name. The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced on February 1, 2017. Good luck!

VERY IMPORTANT: Include some way that I can contact you. This can be an e-mail address in the comment form, a link to your website, Twitter username, or whatever. If I can’t figure out how to get a hold of you and you win, I’ll just draw another name.

Contest winner announced–Manga Giveaway: Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Giveaway Winner

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  1. Yuru Yuru (not to be confused with Yuru Yuri) by Takamichi was a full color manga I remember reading recently.
    Kuro by Somato would also fit the bill. Enjoyed them both a great deal.

  2. ok, not gonna lie.. this is oldskool but back in the time of dinosaurs roaming the earth and Viz publishing monthly “floppies” (the 90s) – the first couple issues of Ranma 1/2 were in full color! All 20 something pages of Rumiko’s artwork in their orig watercolors
    but if newer is your thing – Chii’s Sweet Home!

    tweet tweet:

  3. Posted on behalf of kiminofukkin:

    I haven’t encountered any full colour manga yet, but a recent one I read had really beautiful colour illustrations. It was Karneval, and the art overall was incredible. Galko-chan’s full colour style looks really cool, I’d been looking at it for a while, but I wasn’t aware the entire manga was colour. I assumed it was only a few pages, lol.

  4. I really want to read ReLife since that’s full color, along with Chi’s Sweet Home. I have noticed the color inserts at the start of volumes. Nichijou has some high quality ones, which I think probably helped translate the designs to the small screen. I was surprised JoJo has a lot of color usage, with orange colors being added for powers and stuff.

  5. Void’s Enigmatic Mansion (technically manhwa), but it’s published in full color and it’s pretty gorgeous. And I do enjoy the story, it follows tenants of an apartment building where the owner can grant any one wish. There’s no monkey paws attached to the wish, but maybe people don’t know what they really wanted in the first place, or maybe a magic wish wouldn’t actually fix all their problems. So the guy who unknowingly wastes his wish on better weather that day at the start of the series might have dodged a bullet in the end.
    Yen also published Milkyway Hitchhiking in full color as well.

    One of the oldest manga I’ve seen published in full color is Joan, which is supposed to be about Joan of Arc. I honestly found it rather boring, like it was the side story of a far more interesting manga that didn’t exist or something.

  6. Alice in the country of clover (Cheshire cat waltz) i love this series! The frist few pages are always in color. It is a great series.

  7. A very recent manga that I’ve read with partial color pages would have to be Monster Musume. It’s a very funny series that I always make sure to have some time for.

  8. I always love seeing CLAMP’s color artwork. It’s usually all supplementary stuff, but I’m so glad that all the Dark Horse omnibuses (and Viz’s, in the case of X) preserve so much of it. It’s always so rich and warm and beautiful!

    As for actual in-story art, I don’t know if I’ve come across anything better than Yoshikazu Yazuhiko’s watercolor work in both Joan and Gundam: The Origin. Watercolor is an exacting medium, so you need a lot of technical skill and precision as an artist to make it look good. Yaz not only achieves that, but he uses bold washes of color to establish particular settings or cast a mood over a scene. It’s incredibly stunning, especially in Joan since that entire manga is in full-color.

  9. This one is really nice! I never read a full color manga, they’re pretty rare.
    Retwitted @MauroPellencin

  10. Chat Killua Noir says

    Ummm, Hour of the zombie had a few color pages. And I don’t know if they are considered manga, but I read a lot of manwha of webtoons such as Black Haze, Godly/Divine Bells, Red String, the. Moon at Daybreak, Tower of God S1 & S2, 12 Nights, all really good. Also tweet me @KilluaNoir if I win, thanks.

  11. Chat Killua Noir says

    Meant to say manwha or webtoons not of webtoons

  12. The first thing that comes to mind is the storybook-like color work in HELVETICA STANDARD, from the author of NICHIJOU.

  13. 1. One of my old favorites, Unico, was done in full color! Even for a classic manga, the colors are very beautiful & vibrant. ♡

    2. Rting your tweet under @bunnycartoon!

  14. Ana Death Duarte says

    I never read a full color manga =/ I’d love to, though.


  15. Ahem…. Cough. Cough.

    ….Maka Maka. >.>

    But no, in all seriousness, one thing that came to mind is that Nananan Kiriko’s “Blue” actually uses black and white as a color palate. Hard to describe if you haven’t read it.

  16. Once i read a manhua, not manga, online: The Gamer. It’s about a guy who see the real life as if he is in a videogame. The drawings are pretty simple, but it’s full colored.

  17. Cataquack warrior says

    I’ve enjoyed it when Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch have a few opening strips or a special story in full color. It helps give more vivid beauty to the characters’ hair colors.

    I also like the occasional color pages of Oh My Goddess!, as it has a unique art style that I like.

    Color manga are great; I wish there were more of them.

    Plus, it’s part of why I like collecting old Shonen Jump magazines; sometimes you not only get color pictures, but at full size, too.

  18. Olympos and Pandora Hearts both have colour pages at the very beginning of volumes, all the better to show off their pretty art. Other than that, the only manga I’ve read that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Cowa!, which I remember having colour. Of course, I took it out from the library so long ago my memory could be deceiving me.

  19. Black_wind says

    At first i wanted to say i have never read full-colour manga but while reading through the comments,i remembered Maka-Maka^^ Which still is one of my fave mangas depicting relationship of two women.

    rt-ed @busha69

  20. I readed the full color version of High School of the Dead, i think it is the better way to read a manga about zombies, you can see the blood and the details more clearly, it would be very funny to read that Galko-Chan Volume.

    My username on twitter is @AlmejoAKDK

  21. The last manga I read with colored pages was Monster Musume, which is your classic harem anime now with monster girls. I’m sure you can figure out what they used those precious colored pages on art-wise.

  22. I suppose JoJo’s Coloured Adventure doesn’t count, does it? In that case I have to go with Komorebi no Kuni which is a 4-volume full colour manga by the author of “New Game!” (KnK came first though). I am not actually that much of a fan of cute girls doing cute stuff/SoL genre, but when I do like works like that, I like them a lot – for example Aria is one of my favourite manga of all time; shame about the incomplete english release of it. Anyway, Komorebi no Kuni’s setting and comfy colourful artstyle are just a delightful combination for a relaxing afternoon.

  23. James Berg says

    The only one for me that comes to mind is Blood Lad. At the beginning of each volume, there are a couple of pages with colored illustrations and colored manga.


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