Manga Giveaway: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Giveaway Winner

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Volume 1And the winner of the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga giveaway is… Kate!

As the winner, Kate will be receiving the delightful Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Volume 1 by Coolkyousinnjya as published in English by Seven Seas. At first I was a little hesitant about reading Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, but ultimately I couldn’t deny the allure of dragons. And so for this giveaway, I asked that participants tell me a little about their favorite dragons from manga. I’ve collected some of the manga mentioned in the list below (along with some others), but be sure to check out the giveaway comments for everyone’s detailed responses.

Some of the manga with dragons available in English:
Akame ga Kill! written by Takahiro, illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro
The Ancient Magus Bride by Kore Yamazaki
The Betrayal Knows My Name by Hotaru OdagiriCirque du Freak by Takahiro Arai
A Certain Magical Index written by Kazuma Kamachi, illustrated by Chuya Kogino
Crimson Spell by Ayano Yamane
Delicious in Dungeon by Ryoko Kui
The Demon Prince of Momochi House by Aya Shouoto
Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama
Dragon Drive by Kenichi Sakura
Dragon Half by Ryusuke Mita
Dragon Knights by Mineko Ohkami
Dragonar Academy written by Ran, illustrated by Shiki Mizuchi
Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima
Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya
From Far Away by Kyoko Hikawa
Fushigi Yûgi by Yuu Watase
Gate: Where the JSDF Fought written by Takumi Yanai, illustrated by Satoru Sao
High School DxD by Hiroji Mishima
The Key to the Kingdom by Kyoko Shitou
Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Akira Himekawa
Legendz written by Rin Hirai, illustrated by Makoto Haruno
Lord Marksman and Vanadis written by Tsukasa Kawaguchi, illustrated by Nobuhiko Yanai
Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid by Coolkyousinnjya
Natsume’s Book of Friends by Yuki Midorikawa
Negima! by Ken Akamatsu
Petshop of Horrors by Matsuri Akino
Princess Mermaid by Junko Mizuno
Rave Master by Hiro Mashima
Read or Dream written by Hideyuki Kurata, illustrated by Ran Ayanaga
Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis written by Ryo Mizuno, illustrated by Akihiro Yamada
St. Dragon Girl by Natsumi Matsumoto
Tales of Zestiria by Shiramine
Tenryu: The Dragon Cycle by Sanami Matoh
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime written by Fuse, illustrated by Taiki Kawakami
Time Stranger Kyoko by Arina Tanemura
Two Flowers for the Dragon by Nari Kusakawa
Übel Blatt by Etorouji Shiono
Yona of the Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi
Zero’s Familiar written by Noboru Yamaguchi, illustrated by Nana Mochizuki

Well now, that ended up being a fairly lengthy list, and I know that it’s not comprehensive, but it’s certainly a start. Whether they’re familiars, sidekicks, primary characters, or the stuff of legend, all sorts of dragons can be found in all sorts of manga. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your favorite dragons with me! I hope to see you all again for the next giveaway.

Bookshelf Overload: February 2017

So, things got a little out of hand in February, mostly due to the fact that I came across a fair number of out-of-print and somewhat hard-to-find manga that I wasn’t able to pass up. Other than that I largely behaved myself. Most of the non-manga comics that I picked up last month were Kickstarter-related which just means that my wallet cried months (and in one case years) ago rather than in February. As for manga, I finally got my hands on The Girl from the Other Side, Volume 1 by Nagabe. Technically published in January, it’s one of my most anticipated debuts for the year. My copy of Jennifer Doyle’s Knights-Errant, Volume 1 (the most recent paperback from Chromatic Press) arrived after a short delay, too. When it came to actual February debuts, I was particularly curious about Kei Sanbe’s first first Erased omnibus and was thrilled that Two Hoses, a short erotic gay manga by Jiraiya, was simultaneously released in Japanese and in English. My copy of the gorgeous box set of Chiho Saito’s Revolutionary Girl Utena manga was one of the few that escaped the recall–most people will have to wait until April for the corrected version to be released. I also received an early copy of Ichi-F: A Worker’s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant by Kazuto Tatsuta which was released a few days ago; I’m currently working on an in-depth review which should hopefully be posted sometime next week. Ichi-F is an important work, so I’m very glad that it was translated.

Anonymous Noise, Volume 1 by Ryoko Fukuyama
Bakune Young, Volumes 1-3 by Toyokazu Matsunaga
Cantarella, Volumes 1-10 by You Higuri
Captive Hearts of Oz, Volume 1 written by Ryo Maruya, illustrated by Mamenosuke Fujimaru
Dawn of the Arcana, Volumes 8, 10-11 by Rei Toma
Erased, Omnibus 1 by Kei Sanbe
FukuFuku: Kitten Tales, Volume 2 by Kanata Konami
The Ghost in the Shell, Volumes 1, 1.5, 2 by Masamune Shirow
The Girl from the Other Side, Volume 1 by Nagabe
Grey, Volumes 1-2 by Yoshihisa Tagami
Haikyu!!, Volume 9 by Haruichi Furudate
Happiness, Volume 3 by Shuzo Oshimi
Ichi-F: A Worker’s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant by Kazuto Tatsuta
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, Volume 2 by Hirohiko Araki
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages by Akira Himekawa
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Volume 1 by Akira Himekawa
Magia the Ninth, Volume 2 by Ichiya Sazanami
Maison Ikkoku, Volumes 1-15 by Rumiko Takahashi
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Volume 6 by Izumi Tsubaki
Musashi #9, Volumes 1-9, 13-15 by Miyuki Takahashi
Persona 3, Volume 2 by Shuji Sogabe
Revolutionary Girl Utena by Chiho Saito
Ten Count, Volume 3 by Rihito Takarai
Two Hoses by Jiraiya

Another Castle: Grimoire written by Andrew Wheeler, illustrated by Paulina Ganucheau
Big Kids by Michael DeForge
Chernozem by Aud Koch
Enough Space for Everyone Else edited by J. N. Monk and Lee Black
Knights-Errant, Volume 1 by Jennifer Doyle
A Land Called Tarot by Gael Bertrand
Mae, Volume 1 by Gene Ha
Magical Beatdown, Volumes 1-1.5 by Jenn Woodall
Mahou Shounen Fight!, Volume 1 by JD Saxon and Dusty K. Smith
My Monster Boyfriend edited by C. Spike Trotman
Namesake, Volume 2 by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton
Sorcery 101, Volumes 1-2 by Kel McDonald
Yes, Roya written by C. Spike Trotman, illustrated by Emilee Denich

Sketches & Studies by Aud Koch
The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts by Nintendo

Decapitation: Kubikiri Cycle by Nisioisin
The Name of the Game Is a Kidnapping by Keigo Higashino
The Stones Cry Out by Hikaru Okuizumi

The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea by Bandi

Manga Giveaway: Tokyo ESP Giveaway Winner

Tokyo ESP, Omnibus 1And the winner of the Tokyo ESP manga giveaway is… AshLynx!

As the winner, AshLynx will be receiving the first omnibus in Hajime Segawa’s manga series Tokyo ESP as published in English by Vertical Comics. Tokyo ESP is a relatively recent example of a manga that’s about psychics and espers. The subgenre doesn’t seem to be quite as common as it once was in translation, but it’s certainly still around. And so for this giveaway, I asked that participants tell me a little about their favorite espers and psychics from manga. Mob from Mob Psycho 100 was mentioned the most frequently (I really hope an English-language publisher will license that series soon!), but there are other really great characters mentioned in the giveaway comments, too!

Some of the psychic/esper manga available in English:
A, A’ by Moto Hagio
Akira by Otomo Katsuhiro
Alive: The Final Evolution written by Tadashi Kawashima, illustrated by Adachitoka
Baoh by Hirohiko Araki
Betrayal Knows My Name by Hotaru Odagiri
Beyond the Blindfold by Sakura Tsukuba
A Certain Magical Index written by Kazuma Kamachi, illustrated by Chuya Kogino
A Certain Scientific Accelerator written by Kazuma Kamachi, illustrated by Yamaji Arata
A Certain Scientific Railgun written by Kazuma Kamachi, illustrated by Motoi Fuyukawa
Clover by CLAMP
Descendants of Darkness by Yoko Matsushita
Drug & Drop by CLAMP
Domu by Otomo Katushiro
ES: Eternal Sabbath by Fuyumi Soryo
From the New World written by Yusuke Kishi, illustrated by Toru Oikawa
Ghost Hunt by Shiho Inada
Hands Off! by Kasane Katsumoto
I.O.N. by Arina Tanemura
Jihai by Toshimi Nigoshi
Kimagure Orange Road by Izumi Matsumoto
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service written by Eiji Otsuka, illustrated by Housui Yamazaki
Legal Drug by CLAMP
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer by Satoshi Mizukami
Mai, the Psychic Girl written by Kazuya Kudo, illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami
Maoh: Juvenile Remix by Megumi Osuga
Mistress Fortune by Arina Tanemura
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya written by Nagaru Tanigawa, illustrated by Gaku Tsugano
Night Head Genesis by You Higuri
Please Save My Earth by Saki Hiwatari
Psychic Power Nanaki by Ryo Saenagi
Psycho Busters written by Tadashi Agi, illustrated by Akinari Nao
Psyren by Toshiaki Iwashiro
Rasetsu by Chika Shiomi
Spiritual Police by Youka Nitta
Telepathic Wanderers written by Yasutaka Tsutsui, illustrated by Sayaka Yamazaki
To Terra… by Keiko Takemiya
Tokyo ESP by Hajime Segawa
Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP
Wild Com. by Yumi Tamura
Yurara by Chika Shiomi
YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi

That’s quite a list, and I’m certain that’s not all of the manga with psychics and espers to have been released in English. Even so, I think there’s a nice variety of genres and even types of psychics represented, and you’ve got to start somewhere. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your favorite espers with me. I hope to see you again for the next giveaway!

Bookshelf Overload: January 2017

Looking at the much more reasonable Bookshelf Overload for January after the absurdity that was December’s is kind of strange. I feel like I must have missed something, but no, the list below is all of the media that made its way onto my shelves (or at least into the house) in January. Granted, this does not include everything that was actually purchased in January–some of that is still in the mail. Even some of my most anticipated January release have yet to arrive for one reason or another (I’m looking at you The Girl on the Other Side). On the other hand, some of February’s releases made their way into my hands early. 2017 is apparently off to an appropriately chaotic start. Anyway. Two of the manga released in January that I was most looking forward to that actually managed to arrive on time were Kore Yamazaki’s The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Volume 6 and Junji Ito’s Dissolving Classroom. Another cool thing that I discovered in January but which was actually published in October was the USCA English Edition anthology. USCA is an independent manga magazine in Japan so anyone interested in alternative manga in translation will likely want to track the anthology down. (I found my copy through Seite Books’ online store.) I was also happy that Chan-wook Park’s film The Handmaiden (which is inspired by Sarah Water’s novel Fingersmith) received a physical release in North America. I never did get around to writing a quick take, but I saw the film in the theaters and it was excellent. Sadly, the DVD seems to be a pretty bare-bones release.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Volume 6 by Kore Yamazaki
Black Clover, Volume 1 by Yūki Tabata
Bloom into You, Volume 1 by Nakatani Nio
The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Volume 7 by Aya Shouoto
Dissolving Classroom by Junji Ito
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Volumes 14-15 written by Yuto Tsukuda, illustrated by Shun Saeki
Franken Fran, Omnibus 4 by Katsuhisa Kigitsu
Haikyu!!, Volume 8 by Haruichi Furudate
Love Com, Volumes 1-3 by Aya Nakahara
My Love Story!!, Volume 11 written by Kazune Kawahara, illustrated by Aruko
Yona of the Dawn, Volume 4 by Mizuho Kusanagi
USCA English Edition by Various

Angel Catbird, Volume 1 written by Margaret Atwood, illustrated by Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain
Devil’s Candy, Chapters 1-2 by Rem and Bikkuri
Gorgeous by Cathy G. Johnson
Kim & Kim, Volume 1 written by Magdalene Visaggio, illustrated by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre
NewsPrints by Ru Xu
O Infante by Daniela Viçoso
The Perks of Being a Monster by Cathy Nguyen Le and Siobhan Noel Keenan
Root Bound by Cathy Nguyen Le and Siobhan Noel Keenan
#SeniorYear by Cathy Nguyen Le and Siobhan Noel Keenan
Samurai, Son of Death written by Sharman Divono, illustrated by Hiroshi Hirata
Siegfried, Volumes 1-2 by Alex Alice
Yours by Sarah Ferrick

Undone by Kori Michele Handwerker
Zodiac! edited by Binglin Hu

Critical Chips: 10 Contemporary Comics Essays edited by Zainab Akhtar
Now with Kung Fu Grip! by Jared Miracle

Chi’s New Address directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Harmony directed by Michael Arias and Takashi Nakamura
Paranoia Agent directed by Satoshi Kon

The Handmaiden directed by Chan-wook Park

Manga Giveaway: Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Giveaway Winner

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, Volume 1And the winner of the Please Tell Me! Galko-chan manga giveaway is… Dawn!

As the winner, Dawn (whose Anime Nostalgia Podcast is well-worth checking out, by the way) will be receiving the first volume in Kenya Suzuki’s delightful manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan as published in English by Seven Seas. The series is somewhat unusual in that it is a full-color manga, so I asked participants in the giveaway to tell me a little about some of the color manga that they’ve read. Check out the giveaway comments for everyone’s detailed responses, and check out the list below for some great full-color manga! (I decided to include a few full-color manhwa on the list, too.)

Some of the full-color manga (and manhwa!) available in print in English:
Aaron’s Absurd Armada by MiSun Kim
Chi’s Sweet Home by Konami Kanata
Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll by Yumi Tsukirino
Guardians of the Louvre by Jiro Taniguchi
His House by Hajin Yoo
Joan by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Lethe by Kimjin
Maka-Maka: Sex, Life, and Communication by Torajiro Kishi
Milkyway Hitchhiking by Sirial
The Monkey King by Katsuya Terada
Please Tell Me! Galko-chan by Kenya Suzuki
Rohan at the Louvre by Hirohiko Araki
Unico by Osamu Tezuku
Void’s Enigmatic Mansion by HeeEun Kim
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by Shotaro Ishinomori

As far as full-color print releases in English go, I believe the above list is actually pretty comprehensive, but there may have been a few that I missed. (If you can think of one, let me know!) There are also some full-color manga and manhwa that have been licensed in English for digital release, too. Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway by sharing your experiences with color manga and manhwa. I hope that 2017 is a bright and colorful year for you all, and I hope to see you again for the next giveaway!